What's is it like to be a umpire?

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    I mean all umpires understand that they have to deal with haters. But I've always wonder what it's really like to be a umpire. Hopefully some of you will share your story's and what it's really like to be loved or hated.
  2. It takes a different mindset to be an umpire. Some of my biggest tournaments I have umpired have been the toughest physically. We do these big tournaments and sometimes have had to do 5-6 games behind the plate with no break. I think the hardest part was beginning as an umpire. I didn't know how to deal with crazy coaches and fans. After 13 years as an umpire I still like doing it. I have since transitioned to being a coach also. It has given me a great perspective on talking and communicating to umpires. I am a better coach with all my experience as an umpire.
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