Who’s the Best 2022 HS Varsity Softball

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    I will say my piece and maybe I’m a little bias but I think Lancaster Golden Gales will win it all this year and be tough for the next 4yrs with solid pitching (Reese Poston & Ashlyn Mowery) and a great feeder of younger stud athletes coming up. So far this year they are 11-0. Scoring 155 runs and allowing 16. They are on a tear. The coaching Staff is Amazing! Lead by Head coach Allie Kinniard & Assistant Coach Chris Zaker. Both coaches have great energy and up to speed on the game today.

    They played a tough Teays Valley team and won 5-4. Left a lot of runners on base and just was not clicking on offense. This game opened the girls eyes and I believe we will not see another performance like this out of them.

    Watkins Memorial is another school I see going deep but running into Lancaster to get to the finals. Watkins has one of the best coaches (Mike Jellison) in the game in my opinion. He know how to generate runs with his teams and force mistakes and capitalize on those mistakes. Small ball, aggressive on bags, and very good pitching (Carsyn Cassidy). Solid fielders too.

    Share your thoughts on teams to watch out for at any Division

    Here’s a look at the poll that came out last week or early this week. upload_2022-4-21_12-47-18.jpeg
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    Not alot of southern schools that are usually in the rankings are showing up this year. I do like seeing a couple from down this way making a appearance like Beavercreek and Carlisle.

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