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  1. Farmdad

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    That's interesting. "What if your coach says he will run practice for 2 hours on any Saturday the team doesn't play." Would you still insist your daughter subs?
  2. hammerhead20

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    I would say that is one way to anger your parents, especially if they are playing 3 out of 4 weekends a month. They will either want to play every weekend or they will value that weekend off as family time. Most tournament only teams practice twice during the week as it is.
  3. her mom

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    I would say the parent is to blame. My daughter played for the most disrespectful coach I have ever seen in my life, but bc we made that commitment we stuck it out. Now, if our daughter was to say she could not take it anymore bc mind you this was 10u and these poor girls were in tears a lot bc of this worthless pc of crap, then we would have just subbed for the rest of the season and looked elsewhere when try outs started. But, we always try to impress upon our kiddo to never just quit. And that was her reasoning also.... she didn't want to leave the team and was commited. So, my opinion I would have to blame the parent. Unfortunately it is a dog eat dog world and no I don't feel it is right for the other coach to go after her especially during normal season. Now, when try outs come around then its kind of every man for themselves..... in my opinion.

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