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    I would say that is one way to anger your parents, especially if they are playing 3 out of 4 weekends a month. They will either want to play every weekend or they will value that weekend off as family time. Most tournament only teams practice twice during the week as it is.
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    I would say the parent is to blame. My daughter played for the most disrespectful coach I have ever seen in my life, but bc we made that commitment we stuck it out. Now, if our daughter was to say she could not take it anymore bc mind you this was 10u and these poor girls were in tears a lot bc of this worthless pc of crap, then we would have just subbed for the rest of the season and looked elsewhere when try outs started. But, we always try to impress upon our kiddo to never just quit. And that was her reasoning also.... she didn't want to leave the team and was commited. So, my opinion I would have to blame the parent. Unfortunately it is a dog eat dog world and no I don't feel it is right for the other coach to go after her especially during normal season. Now, when try outs come around then its kind of every man for themselves..... in my opinion.
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    I've always looked at it this way....If one of my girls subs for another team and then joins that team the following season, then I didn't do something well enough to keep that player. I don't blame the other team, the player or her parents. We don't "own" these girls. They should be free to make decisions that are in their best interest. If that happens to be to leave my team and join another, then so be it! Good on them. That'w why we hold tryouts each season. It's not about us as coaches! It's about what the players and their families want. If someone switches teams...do a self assessment. Here's a thought.....call them and ask them why? Try to learn how to keep it from happening int he future.

    Edit: If they leave mid-season, that's another story. Commitment is commitment and you stick to that for the remainder of the season. In case I missed the point of the original post.
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    "Are you going to argue with the college coaches? Say your princess is better than his other recruits?"
    Let me tell you this happands all the way up to college.
    There are instances where a parent will badger HS coach's ,Travel coach's to know end demanding playing time for there daughter.The player makes error upon error when in the position she likes to play ,put her anywhere else she makes no effort. Then quits a good team that gave her a shot ,before the seasons over and goes and subs at C and D level events and they win a meaningless tournament and then boasts on social media that they did, and says there glad to be on a team where the players don't think there better than each other.Here's the kicker she's going to college to play .This I gotta hear about,coming this spring.lol

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