Why don’t colleges host Showcase Events

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by Rerun, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. Rerun

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    I’ve always wondered why College’s don’t host their own showcases. They seem to be a great money maker for individuals. Wouldn’t it help financially support college program that are struggling to finance its own programs?
  2. HITTER23

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    good question... I think its not easy to do, alot of coaches would not have the knowledge , contacts, or to be honest, the desire to hold one with everything else they have to do. And lastly, i cant quote it but im betting theres some rule against it also.
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  3. DanMaz

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    Is this a trick question? lol I don't think Colleges could host their own showcase other than the normal camps because they don't have 8+ fields to run a successful one to make the amount of money your referring to.
  4. Paul Gallagher

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    Tournaments have a lot of expenses, and each team pays one fee for a three-day weekend. A college may be able to make more hosting a one-day camp.
  5. AnotherSoftballDad

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    Some schools have team camps..invite 4 or so teams....instruct in the morning and play games in front of the coaches in the afternoon....that is about as close as they are going to get I would imagine.
  6. JoeA1010

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    Rules don't really allow it at D1 and, as mentioned above, no college has the necessary fields. Also, running a showcase tournament is more of a year-round job and we just don't have time to deal with it at many times of the year.
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  7. yocoach

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    2 words....IUP Showcase My teams play in it yearly. Very well run and lots of fun. Friday evenings they do an individual showcase as well. A good amount of D2 and D3 coaches show up and you'll usually have a smattering of mid-major D1's throughout the weekend. Best part is it's only about 2 hours from the house.
  8. DanMaz

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    plz share -- is it a camp or a real showcase tournament ? i cant find a link
  9. DanMaz

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    seems like a camp but it is also put on by the coaches which is huge! It's just like the
    D1 SUPER SELECT SUMMER SHOWCASE at Northridgeville June 11th. Mostly if not all D1 college coaches put on the camp the day before the tourney starts. The D1 camp put on by College coaches was the hands down best camp we ever went to and the exposure was amazing. The camp was day before, then all the coaches did their recruiting at the tournament... but i dont think it is the same as a college putting on the showcase event as the original poster posted.
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  10. yocoach

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    It's an actual showcase tournament. Before Covid, we'd play Friday afternoons, go to college coach run camp Friday evenings, then finish pool play Saturday and Bracket on Sundays. This year, it doesn't look like we'll be playing Friday at all though...just the camp.
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  11. CARDS

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    Colleges do host team and individual showcase events for softball and baseball.

    Some are invite only and most in the Ohio, KY, WV, Indiana areas NAIA, JC or DIII for softball but if you search and are willing to travel you can find some decent 4 game weekend round robin format events or one day events hosted by a larger college or several colleges. 43ft-E-teams at one time is where a lot of the schools would post.

    Most of these are fall/winter events that are also fundraisers for the colleges and can be combined with camps. Others may have tournament organizers (The Q sport / NFCA etc.) and most games played on a college campus like the one that used to be played at Winthrop university in SC in late August early September.

    We would play in some smaller ones as well at 14+ hosted by colleges within a couple hours drive. The best ones was the Vernon Bibb memorial played at one of the Host Colleges in the Fall and the Keith Carver memorial Maysville KY late Summer where we played not only other travel teams but also against college teams or, teams made up of all college players in the KC open division. Now these were three day events with about 30 teams college/club participating. Back then Static, Doom, Force, Louisville Stunners and Louisville Sluggers is who we would see that also was at other events we played in.
    ONU, Sinclair, Shawnee State, also held small round robin one day events we would get into with the travel or HS team from 2009-2014.

    Remember, your teams coaches and players can make any event a showcase event with contacts and communication. 10/12 years ago our organization could get local small NAIA, DIII or JC college coaches out just to watch our teams practice...While there are not as many as 10 years ago I have heard of other organizations able to do the same thing.
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