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    No longer needed
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    I own a Bownet- can I have a team? ;)

    I don't know the answer to your question- I have wondered the same thing before. It's not only with coaches that have kids on their teams- just any coach that moves every year or leaves a trail of destruction. What could any organization see that is so good that would make them want to take the risk?

    That said- the same things happens with players. You know, the player that is on a different team every year or who has left mid-season and always blames it on the coaches. There are still teams out there who grab the kid without hesitation. Again, IMO, why take the risk?

    Its just like in the real word. Someone might have a great resume but it is what isn't on paper that usually makes someone successful or unsuccessful. I think the key for both players and organizations is to do your homework and look for the traits in players and coaches that really matter- don't just take the team with the best record or the coach who has coached in the past for the best organization.
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    ... 12 more Player Fee checks. 12 more uniforms advertising the organization. :mad:
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    Of course, what a great point. Sadly though it does make me look at the organization with a bit less respect. I think when they blindly allow anyone who wants a team to coach they are risking the girls reputations as well. Because now she has to look for another team, explain why? and well you know the vicious circle that can create. I must be naive because I think you should be able to have some faith in an organizations decision of who they bring into their coaching staff. And of course before anyone thinks I'm ungrateful, I completely understand this is a volunteer position and I due truly appreciate all the men and woman that give countless hours endless emails and the sacrifice that their own family makes physically and financially.
  5. I think the real problem here is that there are just too many teams and organizations. This results in a shortage of quality coaches and as we all know, pitchers. The continued expansion of teams will only make this worse in the future.
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    This try out season has been something, I dont think ive ever seen so many new teams start up at one time. Come November, i forecast alot of players looking because of teams folding.
  7. You are right Hitter23. It happens every year
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    The problem isn't that there are too many Teams but that there are too many teams that think they are A level when they are actually B or C teams -
    There should be developmental teams especially at the 10 and 12 level - The kind of teams we used to call rec. but rec went to heck (rhyme was unintentional)

    There needs to be a step above rec but below serious teams - This exists but the coaches and organizations convince themselves they are at the same level as all the other teams. The stigma of listing as a B team is too great -

    If there were a clearer system -

    These tournament are GOLD (Actual Gold level not just named 'gold') Level, These tournaments are A level. These are B, Etc... The world would be a better place.
    Then girls as they develop could move up to the B or A or gold team as was appropriate.

    Each organization could have a feeder system for their GOLD team. All girls would have a place to play and there would be less A pitchers on C teams and vice versa

    - YES - Pipe dream [​IMG]
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    What surprises me the most is the number of players/parents who year-after-year buy into the empty promises made by organizations and yet don't have the strength to move on. The constant revolving door of coaches that are qualified for no other reason then they played ball in college, but they can't even manage their own life yet let alone develop of group of players that are sometimes more mature than the coach. I can go on and on about stuff like this, all it does is get me fired up. LoL

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    Agreed. What happened to the days when the coaches kid always seemed to be best player on the team? There are still some out there but they are definitely getting harder to find. I thought it was supposed to get better as they got older.
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    I don't mean to crush KMS above here, but I read this all the time and simply don't understand nor ever agree with it. If more girls are practicing year round on advancing their game, how is that bad for anything. Understandably, we have all played tournaments in which we played a team that simply should not have been there. I agree with Cobb, that there needs to be more of an embrace of the classification system. I played this past year in Delaware and a lot of those east coast teams were Class "B" teams and they were damn good too. I believe the more kids that play year round enhances the game. Coaches are coaches. There are great ones, good ones bad and flat out awful, but that doesn't always have to do with the Org. I hate hearing about "Daddy" coaches too. I have hung up my coaches gear, but I was a "Daddy" coach and I think I was a pretty good one (My opinion) I've coached against a lot of great "daddy" coaches. Just because they have a kid on the team does not mean they don't know what they are doing. I know every situation has its own specifics, and I really feel bad for those who have been on the wrong end of a bad team experience, but again, how can more kids playing more softball ever be bad for the sport?

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