ASA Tournament Wolfpack 2019 Summer Best of the Best (Canton, Ohio); 16u & 18u June 28-30, 2019

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    Friday June 28th through Sunday June 30th, 2019

    Entry Packets will be emailed to you upon request by emailing
    Chuck Ferrell, Tournament Director @

    or can downloaded from our website:


    The purpose of this college showcase is to provide teams a tournament that the softball athlete can state
    her case for why she should be recruited to play at the college level


    16U & 18U age group games @
    Willig Fields ( 4 lighted playing fields )
    2300 30th St. NE
    Canton, OH 44705

    Possible 2nd site @
    Weis Park

    2600 Harvard Ave., NW
    Canton, OH 44709


    24 - 30 Max
    18U = 12-15 teams @ 43 foot pitching distance – 18U starts play @ 8:00 am Friday
    16U = 12-15 teams @ 43 foot pitching distance – 16U starts play @ 8:00 am Friday
    Or any combination of the (2) age groups for a total of 24-30 teams.16U teams will be mixed playing 18U teams in pool games ( and bracket play ). Please see “FORMAT “below….


    We will ONLY accept 16U or 18U age eligible teams for 2019. Exceptions MAY be considered by
    Tournament Committee.


    The tournament will be a (6) game minimum. 5 Pool Play Games with Seeding into Single-Elimination Bracket Play. Pool games will be 1 hour & 25 minute time limit, finish the inning.

    Bracket Play will begin Saturday evening after final round of Pool Games are completed. All Bracket play games will be 1 hour & 25 minute time limit, finish the inning. Then go straight to the ASA international
    tie breaker until there is a declared winner or at the top of the 8th inning, whichever comes first. Championship game will be 7 full innings - NO TIME LIMIT – (3) Umpires.

    ** All games (Pool & Bracket) will be played using ASA Pool Play Rules (Bat as many players as you
    Wish; unlimited Defensive Substitutions; Courtesy Runners for pitchers & catchers must be …
    1st) Player not in game or 2nd) Player furthest away from current batter in lineup (if batting everyone)

    A tentative Master Field Schedule will be emailed when complete. Games will start on Friday June 28th at 8:00 AM.


    This tournament is a pure showcase sanctioned and officiated by ASA. All games will have (2) umpires except for the championship game, which will have (3) umpires.


    18U & 16U teams = $675 entry fee

    The entry fee must be a personal check or money order made out to “The Ohio Wolfpack Organization”. All teams will be notified via e-mail that their entry form and check has been received. Entries will not be considered without full payment enclosed. NO REFUNDS will be made after your team has been accepted into the tournament.


    The Ohio Wolfpack Organization
    % Chuck Ferrell - Treasurer
    1713 Cadbury St. NW
    Massillon, OH 44646

    **DUE DATE**

    All entries must be postmarked by Monday January 14th, 2019. The selection process will not begin before this date. Selection will not be done on a first come, first served basis


    There will be a gate fee at Willig Fields. The cost will be $6.00 per person per day (14 & under free)
    We will also offer a weekend pass at a reduced rate of $15.00 per person. Please have Parents/Coaches show their wrist bands when walking into Willig Fields at the entrance, as this will eliminate confusion between the Gate workers and guests. Coolers can be brought into Willig Fields.

    There is ample parking at Willig Fields.


    This tournament is an ASA Junior Olympic event and as such, excessive behavior and the use of profanity by ANY adult or player MAY lead to ejection from the playing site and could lead to denial of entry for their team the following year. ALL TEAM MEMBERS AND FANS MUST ENTER AND EXIT THE PARK THROUGH THE FRONT GATE LOCATED IN THE CENTER OF THE MAIN PARKING LOT BETWEEN FIELD #1 AND FIELD #2


    The use of alcohol by any tournament attendee is strictly prohibited inside the park gates at Willig Fields. Any person caught with or using alcohol within the “Friendly Confines of Willig Fields” will be ejected from the playing site without refund for the remainder of the Tournament.


    Smoking is NOT ALLOWED inside Willig Fields. Please be sensitive to the people around you! If you decide to smoke, please move outside the 300’ permanent fences (parking lot)!


    Pets are NOT allowed inside the gate at Willig Fields. **PLEASE notify your parents/fans of this policy.
    **This is a City of Canton Rule and is posted at the Entrance to the Park**


    At Willig Fields, there will be 200-210 ft. temporary fences set up. Please use the areas behind the fences
    to warm up.


    Safety netting above the Spectator seating area between all (4) fields. This has significantly increased spectator safety and has decreased one’s chance of being hit by a foul ball.
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    16 Ohio Ice Red sending it now
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    The following teams have been selected to play in the
    2019 Wolfpack Summer Best of the Best Tournament:

    1) USSSA Pride Elite Select Teal Hitchcock
    2) Ohio Emeralds '00 Byers
    3) Ohio Emeralds '03 Hall
    4) Pittsburgh Riot Gold McCullough
    5) Pittsburgh Spirit Gold Arcuri
    6) Ohio SlamForce Sirohman
    7) ESO Fenik
    8) Pittsburgh Spirit LeViere
    9) Road Runner Elite Sherman
    10) Ohio Stingrays Marcum
    11) Ohio Ice Gold Short
    12) Ohio Classics '02 Hoffman
    13) Buckeye Charge Kaisk
    14) OFC Heat '02 Conley
    15) Team Ohio Gray Mease
    16) Ohio Emeralds '01 Johnston
    17) Ohio Wolfpack Dudek
    18) Ohio Wolfpack Mertes
    19) Ohio Wolfpack Imler
    20) Ohio Wolfpack Collins
    21) Cinci Reds RBI Bostic
    22) Ice Fastpitch Lovins-Decker
    23) Ohio Storm Christopher
    24) Sundogs Cooper
    25) Ohio Nightmare FP Sauter
    26) Pittsburgh Passion Logan
    27) OFC Heat Black Loveless
    28) Ohio Bandits Zifer
    29) Thunder Elite White Fine
    30) Thunder Elite Kelm
    31) Thunder Elite Ross
    32) Pittsburgh Spirit Niglio
    33) West Virginia Dusters Spurlock
    34) USA Elite Valley Force Smith
    35) Ohio Ice Red Kusmits
    36) Ohio Wolfpack Hysong
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