Working on catchers stance

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    Show the catchers how to crouch properly, give a sign, and position themselves the right distance from homeplate.

    Equipment: Homeplate, glove, bat and catchers gear if desired.

    Pair the players up as a catcher and a hitter. The hitter should take her stance at home plate. The catcher will get into his proper stance and align her self the correct distance from the hitter. This can be done by having the catcher reach out and touch the back knee of the hitter. If she cannot touch the hitters knee she is too far away from the plate. The catchers should then give their signs. Make sure they use their glove to block the view of the third base coach. Next the catchers will assume their receiving stance by placing their throwing hand behind their back and give the pitcher a good target. You may then want to have the hitter swing the bat to show the catcher that she is a safe distance away.

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