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  1. ohsapphires00

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    Outkasts 14u sent in paperwork with check about two weeks ago, can you confirm receipt?

    Thanks, Dave Donaldson
  2. oiler_pride

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    As of last Friday, I have not received your registraton/check for the Outkasts.
  3. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Active Member

    Need 1 more 14u Team.
  4. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Active Member

    We are now Full!!
  5. oiler_pride

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    Started working on schedule. Hope to have it out by end of the week.
  6. oiler_pride

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    Schedule close to being done. Should have out Thurs!!
  7. Spirit2002

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    The schedule will be sent by email or on here first?
  8. oiler_pride

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    The schedule will be posted on the Thunder Elite website as well as emailed to coaches who I have emails for. There are a few teams that did not send in registration form with your email on it.
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  9. oiler_pride

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  10. snoman76

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    Thank you to Jeff and the entire Thunder Elite group. Hats off to everyone who had a hand in this weekend. It was wonderful to get back outside and play some games. We had a great time. Thanks again.

    Dave DeWalt
    Wolfpack 02
  11. coachtomv

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    Thank you Jeff, the charity team we put together to benefit the "Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team" had a blast.

    We hope to do it again next year!

    Special thanks to the Emeralds for 2 great softball games 4-4 and 3-2 in the championship game, wow. The Emeralds come to play every game and we have enjoyed our battles, this was no different.

    Thank you Emeralds for donating some money to the charity total, much appreciated.

    Also, thanks to Lightning Gold for an epic 3 ITB inning first round game. Best softball game I ever was apart of, just an amazing game. Both teams made play after play. The way your players and coaches responded after our pool play matchup says alot about you guys. You and your kids need to be proud of that effort and that you were able to come back, make some adjustments and match us play for play through 3 rounds of ITB. An experience all those kids will never forget. :)
  12. Softballfarm

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    I want to make a special mention to Coach Dave DeWalt of the Wolfpack 02. We were playing a game during bracket play at Ytown Mayhem with Dave's team when my pitcher got hit very hard by a line drive. It was a very scary incident and everyone in the park held their breath... My pitcher immediately fell to the ground and landed on top of the ball and was unable to make the play...The wolfpack had runners at 1st and 3rd and despite this being early in the game Dave held his runners to stop play so we could attend to our player. That was a very unselfish thing he did. Dave also stopped by after our post game meeting to check on our player and wished her well. Dave DeWalt and the Wolfpack org is a class act and I will always remember that. I also want to mention the hitter came onto our bench and spoke with my pitcher...a very nice girl..and a dynamite hitter!.

    Joe Nay
    Thunder Elite 03
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