Non-Sanctioned Tourney Y-TOWN MAYHEM APRIL 26-28, 2019

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  2. oiler_pride

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    43 teams played in this event in 2018.

    10U: FULL
    1. Thunder Elite 08-pd
    2. Thunder Elite 09-pd
    3. ROC Elite-pd
    4. Phantoms 10u-pd
    5. Ohio Blast-fisher-pd
    6. Ohio Wolfpack-pd
    7. Silver Creek 10U-pd
    8. St. Marys Pounders-pd
    9. Poland Pride-pd
    10. Valley Extreme-rininger-pd
    11. Steel Valley Storm-pd
    12. Akron Racers ‘08-pd

    12U: FULL
    1. Thunder Elite 12u Black-pd
    2. Thunder Elite 07-pd
    3. Pittsburgh Tigers ‘06-pd
    4. Phantoms 12u-pd
    5. Steel City Cyclones 11u-pd
    6. River City Venom-pd
    7. West Hills Softball-pd
    8. Pittsburgh Power-cogis-pd
    9. Ohio Wolfpack-scott-pd
    10. Steel Valley Storm-millich-pd
    11. Ohio Lightning-pd
    12. Erie Frost-sherman-pd
    13. ROC Elite-pd
    14. Mad dogs-pd
    15. Silver Creek Prospects-pd
    16. Rage 12u holden-pd
    17. Lady Landsharks navy-pd
    18. Poland Pride-pd
    19. Steel Valley Storm rivera-pd
    20. Black Widows-pd

    14U: FULL
    1. Thunder Elite -Mazzella-pd
    2. Thunder Elite 05-pd
    3. Hot Sox-pd
    4. Emeralds '05-pd
    5. Total Sports-pd
    6. Team Helon-pd
    7. Keystone Kryptonite-pd
    8. River City Venom '05-pd
    9. Rage 14u Zona-pd
    10. Pittsburgh Power '05-barber-pd
    11. Ohio Lightning-pd
    12. St Marys Pounders-pd
    13. ROC Elite '05-pd
    14. Explosive Grey-pd
    15. Team 23-pd
    16. Valley Force '05-pd
    17.Demarini Pittsburgh Batbusters 05-pd
    18. Youngstown Express 13u-pd
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    Please add Valley Force 05 to 14u
  4. Blue

    Blue New Member

    Please add Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners Blue 06 to 12u.
  5. Phantoms

    Phantoms Member

    Could you please add Phantoms 10U and Phantoms 12u please and thank you.
  6. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Active Member

    I will add you to the list!! Thanks
  7. Can you add Ohio Emeralds ‘05? I’ll get registration and check to you within about 2 weeks.
  8. BK412

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    Please add Pittsburgh Riot 05 to 14U. Check and registration in the mail. Thanks!
  9. MCS21

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    Please add Ohio Wolfpack-Scott to 12U...Thanks
  10. brentc

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    Please add Ohio Lightning to the 14u list. Entry form on the way.
  11. oiler_pride

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    Team list is updated!!
  12. oiler_pride

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    Deposit/payment need to be sent in by March 1st to guarantee a spot unless you spoke to me in the last 2 weeks. I am approaching capacity quickly...
    Jeff Steiner
  13. oiler_pride

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    Team List is updated. Please send in Registration if you have not done so already.
  14. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Active Member

    Team List is Updated!!
  15. oiler_pride

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    We are Full at 50 teams. Pool Play schedule will be sent out to coaches via email and posted on the Thunder Elite Website no later than Friday April 12th.

    Jeff Steiner
  16. oiler_pride

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    I just had a 12U team drop out due to injuries. Get with me ASAP if your 12U wants in..
  17. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Active Member

    Schedules have been sent to coaches..
  18. oiler_pride

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    The weather won on Friday and Sunday!! My great field crews were able to get fields playable on Saturday allowing us to get 61 pool play games played, but the rains came again late Sat night washing us out for Bracket Play.
    Many teams played 3 games and unfortunately many only got in 2. I will count up games played by all teams and get refund checks out to those teams who only played 2 in the coming weeks.

    Thanks again for attending the Y-Town Mayhem. We had 50 teams play this year with the hopes to make it even bigger next year.

    Jeff Steiner
    Thunder Elite-President
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    The field crews did a great job, I was surprised to see any games Saturday. I don't think any games were played anywhere else in the area.
  20. Jamie Wolff

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    Thank You for getting the fields playable for games to be played on Saturday...
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