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    Team List- We had 46 teams in this Tournament in 2017

    10U - CLOSED
    1. Poland Pride-pd
    2. X-Factor-pd
    3. Canfield Crush-pd
    4. Ohio Blast-pd
    5. Aftershock Fastpitch-young-pd
    6. Phantoms-pd

    7. Silver Creek -Boyle-pd

    12U Limit 20teams
    1. Thunder Elite 12u Black-pd
    2. Valley rage '05-pd
    3. Poland Pride-pd
    4. Lake Erie Diamonds-pd
    5. Ohio Lightning '05-pd
    6. Ohio Ice White 2K06-pd
    7. Pittsburgh Spirit 12u Gold-pd
    8. Akron Racers '06-pd
    9. Valley Force '05-pd
    10. X-Factor-pd
    11. Ohio Blast-pd
    12. Steel Valley Storm-Rivera-pd
    13. Steel Valley Storm-Jones-pd
    14. Canfield Crush-pd
    15. St Marys Pounders-maurer-pd
    16. Silver Creek 11U-pd
    17. Pittsburgh Lady RR 05-pd
    18.Youngstown Express-pd
    19. Cranberry Chaos-pd
    20. ROC Elite -pd

    14U Limit 16 teams-CLOSED
    1. Thunder Elite '04-pd
    2. Thunder Elite White-pd
    3. Thunder Elite-mazella-pd
    4. Wolfpack '04-pd
    5. Ohio Emeralds '04-pd
    6. SPC Hotsox-Bondra-pd
    7. St. Marys Pounders-pd
    8. Poland Pride-pd
    9. Ohio Lightning '04-pd
    10. UC Ice-pd
    11. ROC Elite 14u-pd
    12. American Elite
    13. Pittsburgh Spirit '04-Hess-pd
    14. Ohio Blast-Kelly-pd
    15. Ohio Raptors-pd
    16. Butler Sting-
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    Jeff, please add Ohio Warriors '03 to 14u. Thanks.

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    Please add spc Hotsox Bondra to 14u. Thanks
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    Please add Ohio Ice White 2K06 to the 12U....thanks.
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    Jeff - Please add the Poland Pride to the 12U bracket. Thanks!
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    Please add Akron Racers 06
  8. Softball05dad

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    Please add Valley Force 05 to 12u
  9. SCC 08

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    Jeff, Please add Steel Ciry Cyclones 10u to the list, thanks!
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    Team List is updated!!
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    Please add Ohio Raptors 14u. Thank you
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    Team List is Updated!
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    Liberty Township Park 1201 Churchill-Hubbard Rd.
    Youngstown, OH 44505
    WHEN: Saturday, April 28th and
    Sunday, April 29th (until 2:00 P.M.)
    WHAT: Anyone (player or public) is encouraged to bring gently
    used softball equipment, uniform items and cleats they no longer need to the tournament (please no bat bags). A donation bin will be set up and volunteers will collect the donations (and provide a tax receipt if desired).
    WHY: Donations are given to low income teams and players who can’t afford their own equipment.
    For more information or to become involved with Stay in Softball:
    Website: www.stayinsoftball.com,
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/stayinsoftball
    Twitter: @stayinsoftball
    Email: stayinsoftball@gmail.com.​
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    Schedule will be sent out to coaches this Friday.

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