12U Cross County Cannons 05 Tryouts (Davidson)

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    Davidson 12u Cannons team
    Head Coach: Andrew Davidson
    Phone: (937) 467-9453
    Email: andrewd9351@gmail.com

    Early/Private tryout available with request

    August 5/6th 12/13th (Only need to come to one tryout)

    9u 9-10:30
    10u 9-10:30
    12u 11-12:30
    14u 1-2:30
    16u 1-2:30 THIS TEAM IS FULL
    18u 1-2:30

    Bradford High School
    750 Railroad Ave, Bradford, OH 45308

    I have most of the team returning, other than a couple older girls that had to move to 14u.

    I plan to have a team of 10 to maximize playing time.

    I have a pitcher, catcher, 2 middle infielders, and 2 outfielders returning. With that being said, I am looking for one more very nice pitcher who would be evenly splitting time with my current pitcher. Any position would be entertained as my current team has a lot of flexibility. I look to be a very competitive team as we will be an older experienced team.

    My plans for schedule include:
    September double header league
    1 Fall tournament
    6 Tournaments next year including world series.

    Winter practice schedule will be a weekly 2 hour practice from November - March
    When the weather warms, we will move outside for practice, 1-2 times a week depending on schedule.

    Feel free to send any questions you may have.

    Andrew Davidson
    (937) 467-9453
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    We had a great weekend of tryouts. I have offered and received confirmation on three spots.

    We have a total of 9 and I am still looking for one more girl. We have two very nice pitchers, And all 9 are solid defensively in many positions. That does give me some flexibility with the final roster spot. I am looking for power at the plate. If your DD has a strong bat, I want to see her!

    When you check-in, please list Davidson as the preferred coach.

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