14 under Coach List (August 2019 thru July 2020)

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  1. TheSoftballZone

    TheSoftballZone Administrator

    14 under Coach List (August 2019 thru July 2020)

    The main purpose of the (12 under Coaches List) is to help connect 12 under Coaches together in the softball community for scrimmages an friendly's and help each other with players shortages during the tournament season.

    I've heard from a few Coaches that manage to save thousand+ in tournaments fee's because they information was listed in the cummunity.

    How it work:

    Reply to this thread, and share as much information about your team as you can.
    It would also help other coaches if you add your location and if your looking to play scrimmages or friendly's.

    Team Name:
    Coach Name:
    Phone Number:

    Any additions -

    This will be much more helpful at connecting the softball Coaching community together on the forum.
  2. pejohnson

    pejohnson New Member

    Team Name: New Albany Eagles 14u (05 team)
    Coach Name: Phil Johnson
    Location: New Albany, OH
    Email: coach.phil.eagles@gmail.com
    Phone Number:614.207.0695

    Note: I don't check this website everyday, so please reach out me via email or phone.
  3. T2plants0332

    T2plants0332 Member

    Team Name: Lady Rebels 06 Navy
    Coach Name: Tim Plants II
    Location: Gnadenhutten, OH
    Email: ladyrebelsohio@gmail.com
    Phone Number: 330-447-4198
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  4. Captain_Thunder

    Captain_Thunder Super Moderator Staff Member

  5. Little Monsters

    Little Monsters New Member

  6. Tommy2671

    Tommy2671 Member

    Wolfpack 06
    Tommy Watts
    Youngstown,OH/Canton OH

    Always looking for friendly/scrimmage
    We have fields or will travel
  7. jmcdonough

    jmcdonough Member

    Valley Extreme 05
    Jerry McDonough
    Cortland, OH / Warren, OH

    We have access to multiple field locations
    Also willing to travel
  8. power27

    power27 New Member

    Pittsburgh Power 05 Smith
    Todd Smith
    Cranberry Township, PA

    Always looking for friendly/scrimmages
    Willing to travel
  9. garje

    garje Member

    Team Name: Ohio Hawks 06 Gardner
    Coach Name: Jenny Gardner
    Location: Dayton, OH
    Email: coachgardner@ohiohawks.com
    Phone Number: 937-272-6821
  10. jayflyer98

    jayflyer98 Member

    Team Name: Ohio Classics 05
    Coach Name: Jason Gamble
    Location: Central Ohio
    Email: jasongamble1975@yahoo.com
    Phone Number: 614.648.0068
  11. DLamb

    DLamb Member

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  12. 1ChrisW

    1ChrisW Member

    Ohio Bulldawgs Elite 14U Grey (05)
    Chris Wolford
    Licking/Muskingum County

    Have access to fields. Interested in Friendly’s or Scrimmages
  13. Dan Dobbs

    Dan Dobbs Member

    LC Lightning black 05
    Danny Dobbs

    Based out of Central Ohio, always looking for friendly’s
  14. Mike Burke

    Mike Burke New Member

  15. Todd Lawrentz

    Todd Lawrentz Member

  16. FC2019

    FC2019 Member

    Team Name: Firecrackers 14u (05 team)
    Coach Name: bill blackie
    Location: north east ohio
    Email: firecrackerssoftball05@gmail.com
    Phone Number:440-645-8361

    we have access to 2 top notch fields
  17. Chadgr10

    Chadgr10 New Member

    NWO Lady Irish Gold 14u
    Coach Chad Gregory
    Northwest Ohio
  18. Smitvols38

    Smitvols38 Member

    Southwest Outlaws 05
    Coach Kevin Smith
    located around Dayton Ohio area
  19. brianw_4604

    brianw_4604 Member

    Team Name: Diamond Chix Premier - Blue
    Coach Name: Brian Willis
    Location: Valley City, Ohio
    Email: brianw.hdd@gmail.com
    Phone Number: (330) 283-0503
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