FASA 15th Annual Cinderella Classic 7/6-7/7/2019

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  1. Bob_Himmelein

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    2019 CINDERELLA CLASSIC July 6th and 7th, 2019

    5 game minimum (Weather Permitting), No Friday Night Games Open to 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u and 18u. Event is open to all Classifications.

    $425. per team. Group discounts are available, please contact Tournament Director for more information.

    TD - Bob Himmelein 440-773-9973
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  2. Bob_Himmelein

    Bob_Himmelein Moderator

    Silver Creek 09
    Lake Erie Rage - White
    Lake Erie Warhawks - Aliff
    Ohio Monsters - Black
    ROC Elite 10U
    Wicked 09
    Wolfpack 09
    Thunder Elite
    NEO Navigators 10u
    Ohio Hit Club
    Erie Frost
    NWO Lady Irish
    NWO Lady Irish
    Ohio Storm 09

    Devils Fastpitch 07 Shepherd
    JABC Riot 06
    NEO Navigators 12u
    Ohio Fire
    Ohio Monsters 06
    Ohio Monsters - Black
    OH. Emeralds 11U
    Lady Landsharks - Navy
    Explosive - White (Shiban)
    ROC Elite
    Valley Extreme 07
    OH Wolfpack -Scott
    Lady Landsharks- Green
    Silver Creek -11U
    Ohio Energy -Strahan
    Buckeye Charge 05
    Ohio Lightning 05
    Cap City Force 04 Platinum
    Lady Irish 14U Black
    Ohio Hit Club
    Ohio Monsters - Black
    Ohio SlamForce Lesch
    SC Stingers
    Wadsworth Nightmares
    Youngstown Express
    NEO Rogue Runners
    Pittsburgh Spirit 05
    NEO Navigators - Schuh
    Explosive White - White-Hurst
    Explosive White - Stoltz
    Ohio Rebels

    Buckeye Charge 03
    JABC riot 03
    Ohio Lightning - Eoff
    Ohio Madness
    Ohio Monsters - Black (Stewart)
    Ohio Monsters - Green (Tate)
    Ohio Stampede - Thomas
    Ohio Vortex
    Thunder Fastpitch 16U
    Valley Extreme - Fife
    NEO Navigators
    Lake Erie Warhawks - D'Amato
    LE Warhawks - Thomascik
    Lady Landsharks - Hall
    Lady Landsharks - Ross
    Charger Nation
    HOT SOX Medlen
    Hamburg Xtreme

    Ohio Blast 18U
    Ohio Ice - Gold
    Sylvania Fusion
    Bo Jackson Blast
    Racers 00
    Explosive - White (Mott)
    Farenhiet Fastpitch
    Ohio Eliminations
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  3. Belk8

    Belk8 Member

    Please remove LE Warhawks Dixon from the 14u list.
  4. thuff

    thuff Member

    We are still waiting to start our 10am game at Shady Lane. Fields were not playable... moved again. Where is the diamond dry and field crew?? Or a tournament rep??
  5. Michelle Sharp

    Michelle Sharp New Member

    Does anyone have the 14u bracket play? It isnt posted on the site
  6. Bob_Himmelein

    Bob_Himmelein Moderator

    Below are the results of the finals as reported
    10U Gold
    Round 1
    Erie Frost beat Oh. Storm
    Monsters Black bear Wicked 09
    Silver Creek beat Thunder
    Semi Finals
    Erie Frost beat ROC Elite
    Silver Creek beat Monsters Black

    Silver Creek beat Erie Frost in an all Pennsylvania Final!
    12U Silver
    Wolfpack beat NWO Lady Irish
    Lake Erie Rage beat Hit Club
    Wolfpack beat NEO Navigators
    Lake Erie Rage beat Warhawks
    Wolfpack beat Lake Erie Rage
    !2U Gold
    Round 1
    ROC Elite beat Valley Extreme
    Monsters -Black beat Silver Creek
    Landsharks - Navy beat Monsters 06
    Wolfpack beat JABC Riot
    ROC Elite beat Monsters Black
    Wolfpack beat Landsharks-Navy
    Wolfpack beat ROC Elite
    12U Silver
    Round 1
    Ohio Energy beat Ohio Fire
    Explosive beat NEO Navigators
    OH. Emeralds beat Devils FP
    Lady Landsharks-Green beat OH. Energy
    OH. Emeralds beat Explosive
    Landsharks-Green beat OH. Emeralds
    14U Gold
    Round One
    Monsters Black beat Explosive White
    Oh. Lightning-Eoff beat Cap City Force
    Pittsburgh Spirit beat NWO Lady Irish
    SC Stingers beat Buckeye Charge
    OH. Lightning beat Monsters Black
    Pittsburgh Stingers beat Buckeye Charge
    OH. Lightning beat Pittsburgh Spirit
    14U Silver
    Slamforce beat OH Rebels
    Explosive-Hurst beat Hit Club
    NEO Rogue Runners beat Wadsworth Nightmares
    NEO Navigators beat Youngstown Express

    SlamForce beat Explosive
    NEO Navigators beat HEO Rogue Runners
    Slamforce beat NEO Navigators
    16U Gold
    NEO Navigators beat OH. Madness
    Valley Extreme beat NEO Navigators
    Monsters Black beat JABC Riot
    OH Lightning beat Buckeye Charge
    Hot Sox beat Thunder Fastpitch
    Valley Extreme beat Monsters Black
    Hot Sox beat OH. Lightning
    Hot Sox beat Valley Extreme
    16U Silver
    Monsters Green beat Lady Landsharks
    OH Stampede beat Warhawks D'Amato
    Charger Nation beat Warhawks Tomasick
    Hamburg Xtreme beat OH. Vortex
    Semi Finals
    Monsters Green beat Oh. Stampede
    Charger Nation beat Hamburg Xtreme

    Monsters Green beat Charger Nation
    Racers beat Explosive
    OH. Eliminators beat Farenheit
    OH. Ice beat Bo Jackson
    OH Blast beat Fusion
    Racers beat Eliminators
    Oh. Ice beat OH. Blast
    OH. Blast beat Akron Racers ( I understood these teams played last week and results were reversed in Final)

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