16 under Coach List (August 2019 thru July 2020)

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  1. TheSoftballZone

    TheSoftballZone Administrator

    16 under Coach List (August 2019 thru July 2020)

    The main purpose of the (12 under Coaches List) is to help connect 12 under Coaches together in the softball community for scrimmages an friendly's and help each other with players shortages during the tournament season.

    I've heard from a few Coaches that manage to save thousand+ in tournaments fee's because they information was listed in the cummunity.

    How it work:

    Reply to this thread, and share as much information about your team as you can.
    It would also help other coaches if you add your location and if your looking to play scrimmages or friendly's.

    Team Name:
    Coach Name:
    Phone Number:

    Any additions -

    This will be much more helpful at connecting the softball Coaching community together on the forum.
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  2. umpirejj

    umpirejj Member

    Team Name: Buckeye Breeze 16U
    Coach Name: JJ Linkous
    Location: Pike County Ohio based (Southern Ohio)
    Email: jabfastpitch@gmail.com
    Phone Number: 740-222-4313
  3. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

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  4. Maddog04

    Maddog04 New Member

    Team Name: Thunder Elite 15U - Premier
    Coach Name: Maria Dutton
    Location: Northeast Ohio (Warren/Cleveland)
    Email: mcmdutton@yahoo.com
    Phone: (330) 716-2213
    Website: Thunderelitefastpitch.com

    We are an all 04 team. Always interested in friendlies and joint practice/scrimmages
  5. Megan McMenemy

    Megan McMenemy New Member

    Team Name: Ohio Classics 03
    Coach Name: Megan McMenemy
    Location: Central Ohio
    Email: meganmcm25@gmail.com

    Interested in friendlies.
  6. AL Burton

    AL Burton New Member

  7. Michelledub

    Michelledub Member

    SunDogs 16U
    Darrin Dubena
    North East Ohio/ North Ridgeville
    ** Interested in Friendlies & Scrimmages
  8. Donald barber

    Donald barber New Member

    donaldbarber30@yahoo.com. intrested in friendlies and scrimmages
  9. Scott Robinson

    Scott Robinson New Member

    Team Name: Ohio ICE 15u - Silver
    Head Coach: Scott Robinson
    Assistant Coaches: Travis Strebel and Jason Duskey
    Location: Northeast Ohio
    Email: srob1375@gmail.com
    Phone: 330-310-2235
    Website: www.ohioicesoftball.com
    Looking for September/October Friendlies & Scrimmages
  10. Kelly keller

    Kelly keller New Member

    Ohio Blast 16u
    Kelly Keller
    East Palestine, Ohio
    Interested in friendlies or scrimmages
  11. AceGRC

    AceGRC Member

    Coach: Dave Owens
    Central Ohio
    Open for weekend networking scrims
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  12. JeremyEThomas

    JeremyEThomas New Member

    Team Name: Ohio Stampede 16u
    Coach Name: Dan Borkowski
    Location: Canton, OH
    Email: dborko27@gmail.com
    Phone Number: 330-329-5107

    Looking for scrimmages and friendlys.
  13. Kristy

    Kristy New Member

    Team Name: Ohio Eliminators
    Coach Name: Dave Faith
    Location: Akron/Canton
    Email: davefaith19@yahoo.com
    Phone Number:330-907-5314
  14. Fahrenheit

    Fahrenheit Member

    Team Name: Fahrenheit Fastpitch
    Coach:Ted (16u) Dave (18u)
    Location: North Ridgeville
    Email: deedi269@gmail.com
    Phone Number: 440-478-5442 (Deedi)

    Shady Park Fields in North Ridgeville
    We have two fields available with umps. Well cared for park with restrooms
    We also have indoor (Heat & AC) hitting lanes available for use before games upon request.
    We are also open to travel (within an hour)
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  16. softball6dad

    softball6dad Member

    Team Name: Mavericks 16U
    Coach Name: Rich Buttolph
    Location: North Ridgeville
    Email: theprofessor7424@aol.com
    Phone Number: (440) 225-3947

    Always interested in scrimmages and friendlies!
  17. Kristy Hillyer

    Kristy Hillyer New Member

    Team Name: Keystone Kryptonite 16u
    Coach Name: Kristy Hillyer
    Location: Greenville, PA
    Email: khillyer218@hotmail.com
    Phone Number: 724-813-9913

    Looking for scrimmages and friendlies!
  18. xz2sdk

    xz2sdk Member

    Team Name: Valley Extreme Angelo
    Coach Name: Joe Angelo
    Location: Warren, OH
    Email: valleyextremesoftball@gmail.com
    Cell Number: 330-533-1313

    Welcome scrimmages and friendlies ... even pitching/hitting sessions indoors.
  19. fawl002

    fawl002 Member

    (S)andusky (C)ounty Stingers
    Jason Fawley
    Based out of Fremont, OH

    Always looking for scrimmages!!
    Willing to travel and split field/ump costs.
  20. jesses151

    jesses151 Member

    Cincy Slammers 16u
    Looking for some scrimmages.
    Practice field: Clete McDaniels Cincinnati, Ohio
    Coach Brad Parker 513.304.3850
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