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Discussion in 'Tournament archives' started by ohioquakerman, Jul 16, 2008.

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    Sunday 12u

    1. Stingrays
    2. West Virginia Wild 1's
    3. Open

    This tournament is cancelled unless I can find one more team for it. And then only if the West Virginia Wild 1's haven't found a tournament already
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    your PM is full, please call me on my cell phone 614-940-2666, thanks roger
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    Saturday 14u is cancelled. Heath Crush can't play on Sunday.
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    Go to rosscountycfa.com for directions. Lissa said she is posting it there.

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    Please note: in the 16u on Sunday.. I corrected the lettered fields that they will be played on
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    Please note in the Sat 10u I posted the correct lettered fields that are going to be used.
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    14u Sunday

    1. Phoenix
    2. Buckeye Heat 94
    3. West Virginia Wild 1's
    4. Vikings Elite

    11 am

    1 vs 2 Field "E"
    3 vs 4 Field "H"

    1 pm

    1 vs 3 Field "E"

    2 vs 4 Field "H"

    3 pm

    1 vs 4 Field "E"
    2 vs 3 Field "H"

    The fields are to the right when you pull into the Annex. Parking is to the right in the back.
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    Posting Sun 18u in the morning after talking with the coaches tonight.
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    I check the website you provide for the location but did not find a physical address for a GPS. Do you happen to have a physical address?

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    Hey Johnnies,

    I spoke to my sister, which lives in Chillicothe, she said it is located by Chillicothe High School and the YMCA. Yoctangee Park is another name for the Chillicothe Annex Park.

    Hope this helps.

    Tim Rice
    Phoenix 16U
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    We had a heck of a time last year when our HS played Chillicothe finding the fields. Our bus drove around three times. Anyway, when you get to the park find the baseball field go down the road by it.It is over by the dam. The baseball field is in the back then go up the hill and take the little side road to the right. You will go down a hill and as soon as you crest you will see all the fields. They are actually really nice fields just hard to find if you don't know what you are looking for.
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    The Park does not have a physical address. Can you believe it ? Google Chillicothe High School and the Park fields are right behind the back parking lot there and across the levy.
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    18u Sunday schedule

    1. Kalamazoo Klash
    2. Buckeye Heat
    3. Lady Charmers
    4. Central Ohio Ice


    1 - 2 Field "B"
    3 - 4 Field "C"

    12:00 Noon

    1 - 3 Field "B"
    2 - 4 Field "C"

    2 p.m.

    2 - 3 Field "B"
    1 - 4 Field "C"

    Fields "B" and "C" are the field you look at directly when you come over the levy into the Park. Parking is to the left for these fields.

    5. Ohio Freeze
    6. Westside Thunder
    7. Cincy Storm

    Games Played on Field "F"

    10 a.m. 5 - 6
    11:45 6 - 7
    1:30 5 - 7
    3:00 2nd Place versus 3rd Place
    4:30 1st Place versus winner of above for Championship

    Field "F' is located off to the right when you get into the Annex and over the levy. Turn right immediately and go to the back parking lot.
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    I bet that bus had a time going over that levy..... lol
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    Here is the physical address for Chillicothe High School :

    355 Yoctangee Parkway Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

    Mapquest this address and the Annex (where the fields are) are right behind this high school's parking lot.
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    Please notice that the 18u on Sunday for Westside Thunder, Ohio Freeze and Cincy Storm has be moved back until 10 a.m.
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    I will be leaving for Chillicothe by Noon tomorrow to make sure everything is in order for the weekend. So far, so good. I will check my e-mail before I go and after 12:00 Noon... I will not be checking it again until Monday....
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    I'd decided to stay home as we lost a 12u team due to illinesses and am trying to get another 12u team to play or gather some girls to come down and play..... so the two left are not on their own. It seems that some people in the softball world cares as well and trying to gather 12u girls to play.

    See thread in General softball called " Gaining Respect" ...... I thank them for their kind words.
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    If you got a 12u girl at home wanting to play Saturday at 10:00 a.m. just come on down... we are going to gather some girls to play the other two teams. Come one hour early.

    This is my last transmission for the day. See you at the Uniform Blowout....
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    Bring the lawn chairs........ definately.........

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