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    The Umpires Life and Rulings section, is a place for Umpires to share story's on your life as a umpire.

    It's also a place for Umpires to help with questions on rulings from are members. In this way we share and learn together from both sides of the plates.
  2. Coach Big Mike

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    I applaud the umpires who have had to deal with unruly parents, excessive heat & humidity, Covid and many other issues. Their commitment to the game is amazing!

    I do have a question regarding a call that was made at the Marion tournament. Time had expired which was called by the umpire, 2 outs, winning run standing on 3rd and a girl on 2nd. A single was was delivered sending in the winning run. Umpire has already removed protective gear, girls celebrating the win only to be stopped by field umpire. The run counted but he said the girl that advanced to 3rd stepped off the bag during the victory celebration and thus was a 3rd out! Evidently there was time still left on the field umpires clock? So everyone had to gather up and continue play until time expired. Right or wrong it worked out for our team.
  3. BretMan2

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    Timed games are bad enough, but if two umpires can’t figure out how to keep one official time...

    And if one of the umpires told me the game was over, then they called out a runner for leaving a base...my ejection would probably soon follow!

    This is just poor game management. Just have one official clock and just have one official be responsible for it. Mistakes like this should never happen!
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