Akron Racers History Thread 2005-2009

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by default, Jun 15, 2005.

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    What does everybody think about the professional softball league? Have you all been to a Racers game?
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    MY FAMILY is thrilled to have the "Girls of Summer" back! Hoping to see a game (or five) SOON!
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    My DD participated in a clinic that the Racers and the Reds held last year. ?She wanted to participate in an event with the Racers this year but due to scheduling conflicts was unable to. ?She had a great time working with the Racers. ?Some great athletes giving something back to the community.
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    Take your favorite Racer a food basket -- these ``pros'' are living on a wage below the poverty level, but playing the game they love and entertaining our girls!!!
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    Support the Racers!

    Akron-Canton doesn't know just how lucky they are to have a pro-team team, with great talent, locally...

    The stands should be packed, especially when travel ball slows down...
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    These are the most family oriented games you will ever go to. After the game is over, the girls stand by the fencing and sign autographs and talk w/the girls and boys who come up to them. It is a great time and it's a lot cheaper than seeing the Indians play. Plus it's closer to home!!
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    I agree with you softballsister24. My family really enjoys watching the Racers play. They always end up catching foul balls and never have a problem after the game getting autographs and talking with the team :). Support the Racers!
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    We went to our first game over this past weekend. Had a great time watching as the Racers play ball the way it is to be played. Earlier this year my DD went to a clinic put on by the Racers and the three Olympians. It was first class and the girls had a wonderful time working with them.
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    Has anyone done the Field Of Dreams with the Racers? What did you think?
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    My daughter had the pleasure of participating in the Field of Dreams. It was a team event - they all loved it! (Even the ones who weren't "sold" on the idea!)
    A definite picture-snapping time!
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    Anybody going to see Jennie Finch play this weekend? Which games is she pitching?
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    Stingrayscoach - can you answer this for racersoftball (he is the Media Relations Director for the Chicago Bandits)? Who knew she could hit as well. I think she has 5 HR's so far this year.
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    My daughters team was playing in Cleveland for the NSA B State and we was able to see a game this weekend. It was great to watch these ladies play.
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    The following is from the Racer's website:

    June 30, 2005
    Akron, OH -- All Firestone Stadium chair back seats for the Akron Racers' July 8-10 National Pro Fastpitch series with Chicago are sold out.

    Plenty of general admission tickets still remain and are priced at $7 apiece. Advance ticket orders can be placed by calling (330) 376-8188.

    The Chicago Bandits feature U.S. Olympic gold-medal pitcher Jennie Finch. The Racers counter with gold medal winners Crystl Bustos, Kelly Kretschman, and Jenny Topping. Finch is tentatively scheduled to be the starting pitcher for Friday's (July 8) series opener at 7:05 p.m. and the second game of Saturday's doubleheader, which starts at 1:05 p.m.

    Bustos, the Racers' third baseman, is hitting .442 and leads the NPF in home runs (8) and RBI (28). Topping, the team's No. 1 catcher, leads the league in batting (.542) among players with at least 20 at-bats. Finch has an obligation with Major League Baseball and will miss Sunday's (July 10) 1:05 p.m. contest.
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    Re: Jennie Finch & Chicago Bandits Coming to Ohio!

    I just got off the phone with the owner of the Chicago Bandits and he said that as of right now, Jennie Finch is tentatively scheduled to pitch the Friday night game and the second game of the Saturday double-header. ?Of course, as you all know, softball pitchers could go 4 straight games if need be, so the pitching roatations will be set by the coaches on a strategic and personel need basis. ?

    I will tell all of the Akron fans though, that the Bandits have a number of very exciting players other than Jennie. ?

    Jaime Clark, Washington's All-Time HR leader and member of the US National Team, plays shortstop for the Bandits and hit five home runs in as many games this past week. ?

    Lauren Bay, the Candian National Team pitcher, is 7-0 on the year and hit a HR in her first at bat of the season this past weekend (her brother is also 2004 NL Rookie of the Year Jason Bay. He will represent the Pittsburgh Pirates in the MLB All-Star game later this month). ?

    Vicky Galindo, former Cal third baseman and recent addition to Team USA joined the Bandits after the College World Series and has been fantastic at the plate and at third since arriving in Chicago. ?

    Anne Steffan, former second baseman from Nebraska, could be the fastest slapper I have ever seen (Natasha Watley excluded). ?

    Also USA Elite Team members Gina Oaks and Mackenzie Vandergeest are on the team as well. ?

    If you want more information on the team, visit www.chicagobandits.com or leave a message or PM me.
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    It's a shame that they can't televise any of these games. I think we need to protest ESPN!!! lol
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    ESPN2 will be televising the four-team playoffs on August 27 and 28. ?There will be an all-star game at the site of the playoffs, and then the top four league teams will play a single elimination tournament to crown a winner. ?It has not been decided if the All-Star game will be televised or not, but All three games of the playoffs will be. ?

    Also, if you have Direct TV or a dish, 7 of the Bandits games are televised on Comcast Sports Net Chicago, and I know the NY Juggernaut has a television deal as well. ?You can check out www.nynjjuggernaut.com for information on that
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    Email from Akron Racers - let's support this team!

    Dear Fastpitch Fans:

    The Akron Racers Foundation is launching the "SOAR" Campaign today to get the word out about the Akron Racers. We are asking for your help. The enclosed flier speaks to our Save Our Akron Racers. The Mayor is on board and is hosting a breakfast of community leaders to get the Racers ontheir feet. He does not want to loose the Racers. But we need to do our part by filling the stands. Please open the -mail and read how you can help and then pass it along to your friends that you have in your contact folder.

    We know if we can get the word out and have people see the Racers play once, they will return. Cleveland did nothing to save the Rockers but Akron can save the Racers.

    Thank you for your help and support!

    Joey Arrietta
    Executive Director/GM, Fastpitch Operations
    Akron Racers Foundation
    Phone: 330.376.8188
    Fax: 330.376.8348

    THE FLIER - mention SOAR and get in free.

    The Akron Racers Foundation would like you to come to an Akron Racers Fastpitch Softball game at Firestone Stadium ? FREE!! All you have to do is mention the word SOAR at the box office and you will get a free ticket to the game! Bring all your friends! TELL all your friends!!

    The Stadium is located at 1575 Firestone Parkway in Akron at the
    corner of S. Main and Wilbeth.

    We love our Akron Racers and we know that once you?ve seen them,
    you will too!

    Our games are as follows:

    Thurs. July 14 ? 7:05pm ? Arizona Thurs. August 4 ? 7:05pm - Illinois
    Fri. July 15 ? 7:05pm ? Arizona Fri. August 5 ? 7:05pm - Illinois
    Sat. July 16 ? 1:05pm ? Arizona Sat. August 6 ? 1:05pm - Illinois
    Sun. July 17 ? 1:05pm ? Arizona Sun. August 7 ? 1:05pm - Illinois

    Thurs. July 21 ? 7:05pm ? Canada Thurs. August 11 ? 7:05pm ? New York
    Fri. July 22 ? 7:05pm ? Canada Fri. August 12 ? 7:05pm ? New York
    Sat. July 23 ? 1:05pm ? Canada Sat. August 13 ? 1:05pm ? New York
    Sun. July 24 ? 1:05pm ? Canada Sun. August 14 ? 1:05pm ? New York

    For more information, please call 330-376-8188.
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    We might be able to go in August once summer ball is over. I would suggest posting games and scores on softball forums to help remind us that you are there. We love going to Clippers baseball games and OSU softball games, and I know we would certainly love to see a great game of softball.
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    Heres how you get the word out. If you are reading this post you will probably be going to a tournament this weekend!!!
    Make a copy of this post and pass it out to everyone that you see at the tournament. If we all work together (as a team) we can keep the Racers around and pack those stands.
    If you have not been to a Racers Game you do not know what you are missing. Great opportunity for your daughters to attend and see softball being played at this level.

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