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    I know my daughter and I love to go to the Racers games, we live in Akron and are 5 minutes away from the Stadium. That being said my daughter plays travel ball basically until the end of July, we are so wrapped up in weekends away, practicing during the week we just don't have time to get to many games. That being said if there is ever a meeting to change things in the league think about who your fan base is, softball players and their families. If the season started the end of July and ran through September I know we could make a lot more games.
    Don't take this the wrong way I am certainly not bashing anything here, we love the fact that we can drive 5 minutes and see the best players in the world play. We would just like the chance to do it more often. Just a thought and GO RACERS....
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    Went to Washington really Fairfax, VA to see the Racers play the Glory. The Glory is a tough team these should be some outstanding games. If you can make it you will see some great softball!!!!! Go Racers!!!!!
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    Phone: 330-376-8188
    Fax: ? ? 330-276-8348

    Hollowell. McHugh, Juarez & Valdez to Participate

    Akron, OH --- ?The Akron Racers entire pitching staff is offering four pitching clinics in August. The Racers will conduct the clinics on Wednesday, August 15 and Monday, August 20. The morning sessions will be for ages 8-13 and the afternoon session will be for ages 14-18. Each clinic will include a skill assessment and specific drills and instruction designed to improve the participants overall performance.

    The pitching staff includes USA National Team member, Alicia Hollowell. Hollowell led the Arizona Wildcats to their sixth Women?s College World Series Title in 2006. Hollowell served as a student assistant coach with the 2007 WCWS Champions this past spring.

    Radara McHugh, in her fourth season with the Racers, has been one of the NPF?S best all-around pitchers in the league for the past three seasons. McHugh?s dramatic performance in the 2005 NPF Championship game sealed the victory for the Racers and its first-ever professional title. Currently, McHugh is 7-3 with a 3.05 ERA in 71.2 innings pitched.

    Rookie Jamee Juarez, the pride of Ohio State, is ranked 7th in the league with a 1.77 ERA and an 8-4 record in 79.1 innings pitched. Juarez has effectively met the challenge of professional fastpitch after being named the Buckeye?s Most Valuable Player for an unprecedented third-consecutive year in 2007.

    April Valdez (DePaul, Oklahoma) joined the Racers prior to the series against Denso Japan. Valdez picked up her first win as a Racer in the exhibition contest against Denso. The versatile Valdez also played right field for the Racers.


    AUGUST 15, 2007
    10:00am-Noon Ages 8-13
    2:00pm-4:00pm Ages 14-18

    AUGUST 20, 2007
    10:00am-Noon Ages 8-13
    2:00pm-4:00pm Ages 14-18

    COST: $50 (includes a ticket to a Racers game & an autographed ball)

    CALL 330-376-8188 for further information
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    Re: Akron Racers Pitching Clinics on August 15 & 2

    Do these clinics ONLY work with pitching skills or are they like the others where you pick a position player and work with them for an hour or so and then move to other skills?
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    Re: Akron Racers Pitching Clinics on August 15 & 2

    This clinic specifically designed for pitching and that is what they will be focusing on. However, there are two other clinics on Monday July 23 and Monday July 30. With these two dates you can pick which player you want based on which position you play and they will focus on developing the skills for that position. There will also be hitting instruction included in the July 23 & 30 camps. So to clarify:

    Monday July 23 & 30: Player Position Clinic Ages 8-18: For Any Position, also hitting instruction

    Wed. August 15 & Mon. August 20: Pitching Clinic Ages 8-18: Pitching Instruction Only

    If you have more questions, give us a call at 330-376-8188.

    You can also view the forms at our website www.akronracers.org
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    Two excellent games so far against league-leading Glory. First game a tough 1-run loss; second game an exciting 1-run win by the Racers. Walk-off HR by McCoy in the bottom of ninth. Doesn't get any better than that.

    Dads - take your daughters, and wives, to the ballgame. This is their sport and team. Great stadium, food, entertainment, prices and the best softball around.
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    wish I were closer --4-5 hours is a loong trip to watch ball. I did catch the game on TV the other night. at least 2-3 innings of it. We be watching on the tube as much as I can. MD
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    Join the Racers for their run to the playoffs at the final home series at Firestone Stadium this season.

    Thursday, August 16
    Michigan Ice @ Akron Racers..... 7:05 pm EST
    ?Thirsty Thursday: All Beverages $1.50

    Friday, August 17
    Michigan Ice @ Akron Racers..... 7:05 pm EST
    ?80's Night: Break out your 80's clothes (You know you still have them)!

    Saturday, August 18
    Michigan Ice @ Akron Racers..... 7:05 pm EST

    Sunday, August 19
    Michigan Ice @ Akron Racers..... 12:05 pm EST
    LAST GAME: **This is the final game that will be broadcast on Sports Time Ohio**

    For Ticket information, please call the Akron Racers at 330-376-8188 or visit the website www.akronracers.org
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    Please lets get out and support the Racers. We went last night and it is great entertainment.
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    Been to a game this year. Enjoyed the atmosphere. 80`s night is HARD to pass up! Might haft to go. ?:cool: ;D :D
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    Point of Interest. At 4:00 on Saturday before the Racers game, an Akron area all-star game is scheduled.
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    We love going to the Racers games. I can't believe the season is almost over already. :-/
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    Players from the Akron Racers will be at the Hitting Streak in Sandusky for a clinic on 11/3. ?Pitching will be from 11:00 to 12:30 and Hitting/Defense will be from 2:00-4:00. $50.00 per session. ?Call 419-502-2287 to register ?or for more information. ?

    My daughter has attended several clinics at the Hitting Streak and they are always top notch. ?
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    http://www.girls-softball.com/ has an article on the success on th NPF. It's basically saying that the reason it's not doing as well as it's cousin WNBA is that the NBA as a finance partner does more for the WNBA than the NPF's finance partner MLB does. It also stated, because the WNBA's
    season is at a different time of the year than the NBA helps. The article suggests that since the NPF"S fan base is playing their own tournaments all summer, and MLB's season is be played at the same time, That it might be better off as a winter sport.

    I have not attended a game, but I see Akron has a team. Has anyone attended one? I think my DD would enjoy going to one. She already sits in her room and watches the Tribe replays.

    There are alot of other great articles on this site. Check em out.
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    I toured for a month with the Chinese National team and the NPF owners really go all out to make the fans feel welcome and don't gouge you at the conceesion stands. They get the kids involved with the team mascots and between innings and as bat girls and you get to keep any foul balls also.

    After the games all the players sign autographs and are approachable for pictures or just to chat.

    A lot of the players give lessons on off days for a fee and when you consider their talent level it is a great deal!

    I agree in some cases the select teams may be out of town BUT more of an effort from all facets of the softball community could be made to support them. If you want your daughters to meet some of the best players in the country take them to a game...make a point of it to schedule a couple games this year. I can't speak for the entire NPF however the Force, Bandits and Racers were very nice and polite to everyone I saw them interact with both on and off the field.

    The kids and parents I met over the summer really seemed to enjoy theirself.

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    Go2Go2, I believe it would be more successful if it was a winter sport. I think the WNBA does is right. I realize that Akron can't play in the winter, but the teams could be based out of the Southest and Southwest and could draw from the thousands and thousands of people that go to spring training. Families would be able to catch a baseball and softball game or games in one trip. The other thing that they need to do is have the games televised. I can't believe that NPF owners haven't done something with ESPN or Fox sports. Softball is getting bigger and bigger and the networks are missing out on the advertisment buck. I know that my house watches or DVR's all of the college world series and the world championships. If they can show repeat after repeat of the World Series of Poker, they can schedule some pro softball games.
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    I'm with you 110% on ESPN. ?Maybe A-Rod could donate 1/4 of his contract to put up 6 or 7 bubble domes for the northern teams. ;) ;D ? ?We were dedicated watchers of the NCAA also.
    I think we seen 1 televised NPF game. It was either on ESPN2 or FSN.
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    GO RACERS!!!!! Maybe they can contact A-Rod for a years salary as a charitible donation. That would be around 30 million or so.
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    Heyyyyy, how'd this become a yankees bashing thread???? :eek:

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