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    Dave Petersen. An all around great guy who knows the game and teaches girls for FREE because he loves the game....
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    My DD goes to Randy Moziejko for three years now. He is one of the best teachers I know and all the girls love him and his daughter she is good also. He has great place to work in. Great hitting instructor also.
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    The best pitching instructor should be a possitve motivator with emphasis on locations. When your dd can call her own pitches and understands the mental part of the game. Tip your hat to those instructors. Get your dd in a pitching zen and put her complete control and understanding of the dynamics of pitching. Get them to understand movement and situational pitch calling.
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    I went to Ernie Parker, George Duhon and Dan Gratehouse. I was lucky enough that I had three coaches to pick my poison from. I took all three and combined them into my own. We met Ernie at a tourney in California where my sister Ohio Chargers, played the California Panthers ie. Lisa Fernandez. Chargers took second at Nationals and My dad immediately got a hold of Ernie. My dad paid for him to fly to Ohio for several clinics. Back then not many people knew about him in Ohio. We continued to talk with him throughout the early part of my career. I know it was expensive, but the knowledge I learned was remarkable.
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    Surprised you did not mention Misty Bridges, Southwest Ohio . Pitched for Georgia Tech. One of the Best!
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    I am a former varsity and tournament ball pitcher. I have pitched for 10+ years and was trained by Leffew Fastpitch for majority of those years. I have given lessons for the past 4 years to girls 10u through high school. I am currently studying a Kent State and looking to give lessons to girls near there. I am also interested in picking up more girls at home (Lorain County) for weekends and breaks. I also work with teams and do team pitching sessions as well.

    I work on mechanics, speed drills, and spin. I have taught girls how to throw change ups, drop balls, screwballs, and am working on curve and rise. If pitchers already have those pitches, I work to improve the location, spin, and speed of the pitch. I'm very big on making sure pitchers have the right spin and mechanics with movement pitches especially. I have everything I need to teach with me. I currently work at local fields and if near the Kent area, will need someone willing to help find an indoor facility. At home (Lorain County) I have an indoor facility to use.

    If interested, want a reference, or have any questions, please email me at
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    Amanda Stewart, student of Jodi Hall Curnette, played ball in college and teaches internal rotation in Dayton, Ohio area
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    Just curious if he still teaches? I haven't seen him around in the last few years. Great person!
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    Mark Blascyk

    Berkhimer- 2x State Champ (Lakewood back to back) Kent State
    Patznick- State Champ (3 peat after Berkhimer) Capital
    McCombs- State Champ (Licking Valley) Louisville and Ohio State
    Barker- State Champ (Granville) Enon
    Viestra - 2x State Champ (Lakwood) Miami Univ

    So many more that have had great careers and have gone on to college.

    I speak as a coach that has had many of my pitchers go to him and now my 12u daughter

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