Compuware 18U Smigiel

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    E80E02E8-A565-42B4-ABF6-D1FC7F231297.jpeg Compuware-Smigiel 18U

    See tryout info above, we are in search of "1" more pitcher and 1 other quality ball player. Women warriors must want to gain more college exposure for finding future mutual college interests, and/or desire to be as college ball ready as possible. Hitting, fielding, game strategy and leadership skills all included as well as recruitment assistance. Great academic athletes here, good people and a great group of parents too. You want no drama, serious college prep softball and a fun atmosphere to boot, then here is your spot.

    Call me to let me know which day, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday this week, you can make please.

    Coach Tony
    586 933 7706

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