COVID -19 tournaments aftermath

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    COVID -19 aftermath, scrambling may be a understatement for Coaches, Organizations and tournament directors trying to work post Coronavirus. I'm sure everyone is overwelm trying to come up with Creative Solutions to either find available tournaments to play or tournament directors trying to host events dealing with parks, city and things they haven't never faced.

    Tournament Directors and Coaches what's been your biggest challenge due to the coronavirus?
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    Good question. I'm interested to hear this myself.
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    I would think from a coaches standpoint trying to wade thru the tournament/hotel scheduling mess would be the worst. Just the thought of getting refunds, trying to find new torunaments on new dates and then hope theres hotels available is enough to make me cringe.
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    HITTER23 is correct. Trying to manage a schedule has been a challenging for sure. Thankfully I have a parent on the team that helps me and manages all the money. I also am concerned about my players conditioning. We are going to be jumping right into things like most everyone, but I worry about injuries. I supplied our girls with a training program which included a lot of items to replicate "game speed" movements. Plyometrics, Dynamic movements, CORE conditioning... But I think everyone that has every played a sport knows, it is really hard to replicate game speed while working out on your own.

    I also have had two girls that have decided not to play this summer for very good reasons that I completely respect and support. The hard part about that as a coach is knowing I now have two girls not able to play the game they fell in love with. That is heartbreaking as a coach. I was fortunate to have found another teammate quickly. But I certainly will be thinking of those two girls each weekend.

    Finally, this is not really a challenge, but wanted to state it. Going through this has reminded me how much I love coaching and spending the weekends with my daughter. It really hurt thinking that I might not be able to get up while it was still dark, stop at Tim Hortons with my daughter on the way to the field, not having "gas station" lunches as my daughter calls them... It is a game, but a small window in time I get to spend with my daughter and coaching her teammates. Goal for this season is to create smiles for my team during their last season of 14U.

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    Think it hurts now? Wait until she's in last season of 18u and a GD virus hits..
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