Dads or coaches being fools...

Discussion in 'Coaching Softball Discussions' started by Hilliarddad3, May 7, 2015.

  1. Hilliarddad3

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    Sitting a few weeks back at a wedding of a child I met when she was five years old, had the privilege of coaching her til about 13 and staying friends with her family through the years. It was at her wedding that she introduced me to her husband as the coach who's team she had her first home run with......that made me smile...

    Memories like that or the ones you coached and are now waiting tables on you remember old times like it was yesterday in their minds..

    Remember, you do make an impression that goes beyond the stripes of the foul lines, so be that one that they want to remember in a good way..... That also includes coaches that go by the name of Dad.........
  2. larrybowman

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    Good point. Dads expect alot from there own DD, at a younger age (9-10u) it can get frustrating at times when she does something wrong that you've gone over what seems like a thousand times. Remember dad shes 10, take advantage of the fact that you have a happy, healthy daughter who is willing to put up with your "crap" to play the game she will eventually love. Dont be too hard on her, when shes a teenager and you realize the time is so precious you dont want to look back and wonder " what was I thinking".... These are the times to make great memories, whether it be your dd or someone elses..... enjoy it! It wont last for long.......
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    Well said Hilliarddad3 I wish I could give more than 1 thumbs up
  4. daboss

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    Well said Hilliarddad3. You've earned the right to have a tear in your eye at weddings and graduations. Feels good doesn't it. I only wish more would "get it" and take their roll they play in other's lives more seriously.

    When I decided to get involved in coaching I took it very seriously. Many reasons went into my decision but the biggest factor was myself, my memory. While I've had my share of schooling over the years I can not for the life of me tell you the names of most of my teachers in any grade, yet I have remembered every coach I ever had in my life time. That fact alone gave me chills and made me realize how important it is to teach the right things and be a true "Mentor" in every way. I overhauled my life to make sure I live a good example for them to see. I have spent countless hours and money to learn the game from the best in the business so as to share with the kids and their families. I'm still human. I trip, I fall, but the kids see me get back up and get with it again. The teaching never ends. The eyes are always on you............
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    I always said my daughter had the toughest assignment on the team...had to ride home with the coach after a lackluster performance.
  6. CoachTEA

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    That is why I have adopted the policy of looking at my daughter, win or lose, and say "I enjoy watching you play and I will miss it when it is over". I won't discuss the game or her play unless SHE wants to. Very empowering....wish I would have wised up years ago.

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