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  1. Randalman_43

    Randalman_43 Guest

    Findlay ? 2
    Anthony Wayne ?7 ? ?WP - Kurfis, ? :) Baker 2-3 :) ?
    A.W vs. Springfield ?Tuesday

    Lima Senior ?0
    Perrysburg ?10 ? WP - Bryson, ?
    Perysburg vs. Clay Thursday

    Other DI matchups in NWO start on Monday, Sylvania and Toledo City League schools.
  2. Thunder_Road

    Thunder_Road Guest

    Sectional Finals at B.G. Tuesday 5/13

    Anthony Wayne ? 1
    Springfield ? ?3 ? ?WP - Michalak

    A game you would expect form these to teams in a Sectional Finals. Both pitchers did a great job with Michalak pitching out of a couple of early situations with help from the defense that kept the score tied at 0 ?
    ? ? As I have stated under this name,(Thunder) and Randalman 43, ?Anthony Wayne was well aware of Springfield's abilities and in no way was looking past or taking them for granted. A very talented team. Any criticism of motivation on their coaches part has come from with their own parent's ranks. You can search until your blue in the face and you will not find a negative post towards Springfield by any A. W. parent or coach. You can also search until your blue in the face and not find any posts against our coaching staff.
    ? ? When we won both league games, there was no gloating. In losing there will be the well deserved congratulations on a victory the Springfield Blue Devils earned. I am a homer for my Generals and I make no apology for that, as no homer for any community should. If it works out that Springfield wins Districts, I will be pulling hard for them as they would be representing our NWO area.
    ? ? I have enjoyed many positive relationships, I have always thought, with Brittany Richberg, Ashlyn Michalak, Amanda Schroeder, Krista Haley, and briefly Jess Zappone. I can only continue to root for those kids and their teammates. Coaching in a variety of situations in the area has brought me into contact with many players, parents and coaches and when it can't be my dd's team that ultimately wins, I will support these other girls and their teams to the end.
    ? ? Good Luck Springfield,......Take it to the house, 2 down, 6 to go. !!!!! :) :) :)
    ? ? Wayne Baker

    ? ?
  3. Excarkunn

    Excarkunn Guest

    I know that Scott forfeited to Rogers the other day..
  4. katjoebenmom

    katjoebenmom Guest

    Very honorable post Thunder---dignity in defeat is even more noble than in victory.

    It's a shame some other posters can't seem to show as much graciousness when they have had good fortune. ? ?Character always shows.
  5. Excarkunn

    Excarkunn Guest

    I'm hearing that all games at Rolf park canceled, :-X :-[ :p :-/

    Make up DATE Same time Tomorrow
  6. Uber_Jones

    Uber_Jones Guest

    Very honorable post Thunder---dignity in defeat is even more noble than in victory.

    It's a shame some other posters can't seem to show as much graciousness when they have had good fortune. ? ?Character always shows.

    Nice post KBJM, for as long as I have known him, Thunder has always been able to tip his cap to the other team in defeat. He is very well aware that softball is just a big community, and good nature ribbing is ok. His class in victory and in defeat is one of the reasons my DD plays for him in the summer, and for as long as he will have her, she will continue to play for him.
  7. Thunder_Road

    Thunder_Road Guest

    Perrysburg 2
    Clay 5 WP - Holmes

    Start 1
    Notre Dame 4 WP - Gramling

    Northview 1
    Southview 3 WP - Gates

    Bowsher 2 WP - Macke
    Whitmer 1

    Rogers 0
    St.Ursula 16 WP - Schultz, No Hitter
  8. Sectionals
    Perrysburg 000 101 0 - 2 6 3
    Clay 040 010 x - 5 6 2
    WP - Holmes. LP - Bryson. Achter (C) 2-3.
    Start 000 100 0 - 1 1 1
    Notre Dame 003 001 x - 4 7 1
    WP - Kristin Gramling (13 strikeouts). LP - Bailey. Holmes (ND) 2-2, RBI.
    Northview 000 000 1 - 1 2 1
    Southview 000 003 x - 3 5 1
    WP - Gates. LP - Sayre. O?Reilly (S) 1-3, 2 RBI.
    Bowsher 000 002 0 - 2 5 2
    Whitmer 000 000 1 - 1 6 1
    WP-Macke. LP-Erdmann. Palmer (B), 1-3, 2b, run.
    Rogers 000 00 - 0 0 5
    St. Ursula 609 1x - 16 13 0
    WP-Schultz. LP-E. McIntyre. Glowczewski (SU), 3-4, 3B, run, 2 RBI.

    Sayre did a good job pitching to keep Southview at 3
  9. ExcarKun

    ExcarKun Guest

    Cool Next week good match-ups, At Maumee Districts is Southview vs NDA & SUA vs Bowsher :cool:

    Then at the B.G-Tiffin Districts Clay vs Springfield. Whats on the other side of this District teams/team the winner of this game Faces? :-? .
  10. Who's the favorite in Clay vs. Springfield? Have they played each other this season yet?
  11. Uber_Jones

    Uber_Jones Guest

    Clay won the only meeting this year, of course I believe it was the first game or second game of the year so I dont think that is all that good of an indicator.

    I am not sure who the favorite is, and although I know it might come back to haunt me I will give my opinion lol....I think Springfield wins this game, Holmes is a very good pitcher throws very hard and has a nasty change-up. Springfield runs out their own very good pitcher in Michalak who matches up well IMO with Clay's hitters. I dont buy to much of the expierence factor, Springfields Sophs have played alot of travel softball and been in big games plenty of times. I am going to say its a 3-2 game with Springfield getting the win. Both teams are very good, and it could go either way, but my gut tells me Springfield wins.
  12. Thunder thanks for the kind words. As a Springfield parent I would like to apologize for cantcatchacold (whoever it may be) The majority of our parents are not like this. The game could have gone either way. The truth be told A.W scares us more than any team out there, Your team was the one to beat! Im disgusted that any parent or fan would get on this forrum and rub a loss in another teams face, not to mention criticize our own coach. Just wanted to put that out there. Thanks for the exciting games. And thanks for being the bigger person.
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A Springfield Parent ;)
  13. ExcarKun

    ExcarKun Guest

    >:( Grr if thats right they changed the Maumee games from Tues 20th to Monday 19th Now?
  14. 643dp

    643dp Guest

    >:( Grr if thats right they changed the Maumee games from Tues 20th ?to Monday 19th Now?[/quote]
    I heard they changed them becuase SUA graduation on tues.....?
  15. Excarkunn

    Excarkunn Guest

    DOH! Yepp you'll think I would of Know that, before it was posted on hear... ::) ::)
  16. Excarkunn

    Excarkunn Guest

    Ok Party's
    Over back to business,

    Big games today at Rolf Park.
    ALSO Great Pitching Match-ups
    field A Bowsher, Macke Vs SUA, Shultz :cool:

    field B Southview, Gates Vs NDA, Gramling ;)

    both 5pm

    to bad we Don't get district championships at UT's field too. I like it :)
  17. Thunder_Road

    Thunder_Road Guest

    Bowsher 1
    St. Ursula 5 WP - Schultz

    Notre Dame 2
    Southview 5 WP - Gates

    I'm hearing Southview vs. St. Ursula Friday Night?....Can someone confirm?
  18. catchersmom2

    catchersmom2 Guest

    Has SUA and Southview played yet this year?
  19. Uber_Jones

    Uber_Jones Guest

    Has SUA and Southview played yet this year?

    I recall they played a couple weekends ago with SUA winning, but I dont think it was a Schultz vs Gates match-up in that game. I am not totally sure who pitched.

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