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    The only down side of the game for you was the lack of calories you burned not going side to side. Your shoes may last to see one more game. ;D
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    You are a great fan for Springfield Heat... it's always great to see you there.
    Yep, shoes are good for another one... and trust me, I will be going back and forth on your next game. Regardless if you face Southview or SUA, it should be a great game. I am looking forward to it.
    Maybe I can bum a ride from Heat on the next trip without the fuel charge.
    Thanks to Bo for picking me up. I appreciate it.
    Hey Coach, where's the Springfield shirt and hat?? It will be the first one that we display in our new indoor facility.
    Decided to collect shirts from all of the area high schools and travel teams to display in the facility. Please give to any Wizard coach to transfer to me.
    Thanks and good luck next week?? Is that game Tuesday or Thursday?? If's it Thursday, I lost a bet and a few beers to Bo.
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    No doubt! I think we should give him a Springfield shirt to wear. ;D ;D ;D
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    I hate when that happens.... what brand Bo???
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    Bo go for the good stuff, Molson or Labatte Blue. NO Miller, Bud, or Coors products. Make him pay. :) ;D ;D
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    Hey there Heat... Bo doesn't need your help... he is The Beer Connossier.... Leave him alone, unless you are bring the drummies.
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    Fast, lucky for you my favorite ale is on sale right now :D look!


    just one will do, thanks ;D

    if that is a little much then we can always fall back on my true favorite Bud Light. Sorry Heat, I know my taste's are a little mundane, but like they alway say... If it ain't broke don't fix it. Buds the beer for me!
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    Great Job Springfield keep up the good work
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    St. Urusla 2
    Southview 1

    Great pitchers duel, St. Urusla scored winning run in the bottom of the 7th.
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    How many teams has Tori Allen beaten this year in the 6th or 7th inning? I am thinking if she is up and the game is on the line, she is getting a free base from me.
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    funny this is I beleive she hit a 3 and 0 pitch ....Great game to watch
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    Regional Semi's

    Holland Springfield vs. Toledo St. Ursula Academy

    Thursday May 29th 5pm
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    As much as I am an "NLL HOMER", you have to be impressed with how St. Ursula just keeps winning. They don't seem to score tons of runs, but they play clean and keep themselves always in a position to win.....and how about that Tori Allen, another clutch hit !!!
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    [pre] :-? Did anyOne also hear that this game:

    Regional Semi's
    Holland Springfield vs. Toledo St. Ursula Academy
    Thursday May 29th 5pm

    Maybe Played closer to Toledo?
    If so How about UT field? ;)

    Yea, if they can move it prob be Rolf Park..
    Or CYO :-? ::)?
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    It won't happen:

    The state has not moved other games that would make sense

    Ex: Sectionals

    Ashland vs Mansfield was played in fremont
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    To get to the state tourney for one of our NWO teams, the road will most likely lead thru #1 ranked Elyria. I was wondering what got them the #1 ranking. So I did a search and found a few articles but not much else. According to an article on JJ huddle there #1 pitcher has been out for the season(returning soon?) and there #2 has carried the load, giving up no runs so far in the tournament.




    Very impressive, but I believe our NWO teams can play and win with anyone in the state.

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    I Agree, I'm not sure Who Springfield played all this Year. But After looking over the D1 District Champions for this Current Year I see 2 teams that SUA played and Beat/Lost close Games Gahanna Lincoln{Pickerington 1 District}1 SUA 0.. and EastLake North {Eastlake District} 3 SUA 4, and yea I can prob toss in there D3 District Champ Elmwood 11 inning game lost 2-1 at Elmwood.
    Wait didn't Springfield Beat Archbold also a D3 District Champ ? Think so
    SO NWO CAN Play and WIN with Anyone. :cool: Yea I know Elmwood and Archbold are NWO teams but they are also Champions.

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    Re: DI NWO SCORES re Elyria/Lorain Co. News

    Regarding your mention of Elyria HS -
    2 Lorain County newspapers cover the Elyria Pioneers (and other strong HS teams in that area).
    You can search the Elyria Chronicle at http://www.chroniclet.com/
    and the Lorain Morning Journal at http://www.morningjournal.com/site/news.asp?brd=1699#

    Here is a good, recent article:

    Elyria had the luxury of starting the year with 2 outstanding pitchers: a Senior and a Junior. ?Both are very strong, all around ball players. ?When the senior broke some fingers early in the HS season, the Junior easily stepped in to take over the pitching duties.

    And then, Elyria is loaded with a full cast of young ladies who know the game very well through their long-time commitment to playing very tough competition, be it in HS ball or tournament ball.

    I don?t envy anyone in Div 1 whose road to States must go through Elyria (or North Canton Hoover, or Brunswick, or a host of others who play some very tight fastpitch - as it should be). ?Ohio can be very proud of fielding some very, very good competition.

    Best wishes to all the yong laides who work so hard !!!
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    I have not seen any of the teams on the opposite side of the bracket in regionals, but one thing I can guarantee both SUA and Springfield will represent NWO D-1 softball well, and our area will be behind them and proud of either team that makes it that far.

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