Do you think Summer Season will be cancelled ?

Discussion in 'General Softball' started by wpaguy, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. wpaguy

    wpaguy Member

    I'm starting to think HS season is in trouble. I was hoping they can start to play by 4/15 and maybe play 10-15 games. I'm looking at some of the biggest Summer tournaments : June 18th , June 24 , July 10th , July 17th ...what are the chances these will still be played ? If they are not played , do you think some will get moved to August and maybe be looking at a August thru October Tournament season ?
  2. Captain_Thunder

    Captain_Thunder Well-Known Member Staff Member

    There already is a Sept - early Nov Fall season.
    Kids will go back to school in August & all the Fall Sports will be starting. So events in August will be hard. There is a reason some teams can't attend a National first week of August. Cause they have too many players that start Fall sports August 1st...
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  3. OHsoftball

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    Do we really think we are going to be locked down all summer? Be patient people. Don't jump the gun and start cancelling travel ball tourneys. Wait and see what happens. China is already opening things back up and closed their last temporary hospital because people are recovering, so what makes us think this will go on longer here?
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  4. Captain_Thunder

    Captain_Thunder Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Because flattening the curve will make things not as bad at once - but it will make things last longer....
    No one is hoping for things to get back to normal more than me! They just closed all the restaurants down here in Florida tonight.
    I am praying we are back in several weeks vs. several months!
  5. tdford5

    tdford5 Member

    Yes school ball will be done this season . I believe summer ball will in bad jeopardy ,and leaving organizations on what to do and or how to handle these situations !! I know we are getting tight with our uniform fitting dates approaching and how to handle this with no place available for girls to try on uniforms . My personal opinion I am getting nervous on what to do !!
  6. daboss

    daboss Active Member

    Be patient. We're not there yet. I believe as long as there are plans to have the kids return to school this year there is still a chance at a shortened softball season and tournament. Now this may effect the summer tourneys some but it's still too early to speculate. It is still March.............
  7. Dewine more than likely shutting state down for at least 2 weeks which will take him to the date schools are supposed to restart. IF and that's a big IF numbers either decline, somewhat stabilize , who knows......then maybe a reduced season. If not, summer tournaments, and fall sports will be on the clock
  8. As of right now, the school season obviously is in jeopardy more than summer travel ball. IF....the projections remain with the peak coming at the end of April/beginning of May....the question then becomes what do they start lifting bans on and at what point. I think that scraps school ball and might affect the month of May for a lot of Tournaments. In my opinion, Memorial Day weekend is a likely a realistic target date.
  9. SonicMojo

    SonicMojo Active Member

    Just as long as tryouts can keep moving up. Teams were probably targeting mid-June this year for tryouts!!
  10. HITTER23

    HITTER23 Active Member

    In all honesty, its like the last thing people should be worrying about.
  11. Dawgsdad

    Dawgsdad Member

    Schools were the first to close and will be the last to open. I say no softball or classes for the remainder of the spring season.
  12. And how would you know to what degree people are worrying about things? Maybe people just want a 10-minute break from everything to talk about something else? Maybe people are so tired of worrying about the "important stuff" and just want something to look forward to. In all honesty, being presumptuous and assuming the levels of concern people have over a post is ridiculous. Why people have to be like this is beyond me.
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  13. daboss

    daboss Active Member

    I'm in agreement with Hitter23. I have my reasons and will share.

    I'm sorry the kids may miss the school season but the attitude of the adults in their lives can and will make the situation worse if not handled properly. Seniors are going to be taking it on the chin more than underclassmen. I get it. It takes the rest of us to minimize any lateral damage that may occur. The point being as I have mentioned before, this is just a game.

    If you continually present their loss of opportunity to make memories that will "last a lifetime" you are impacting the kids negatively. While "sacrifice" might be too strong a word, they are trading the experience for a greater good for mankind. They need to know this. Everyone needs to know this. It's a time in society and the world that is unprecedented in all our lives. We have to be "all in" and stay the course. They need their memory of the times to be they did their part-------------not they missed a season to play a game.

    Perhaps you are "all in" and you are driving the point across to the impressionable minds around you. Always remember, those eyes are still looking up to you for guidance and your frustration and negative energy will be noticed. That leaves the impression that the game is more than a game. Don't come across they are being cheated. you'll do more harm than good. It's difficult to stay strong right now. We cannot be weak for their sake.

    Just my opinion...........
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  14. M & R Davis

    M & R Davis Member

    Pretty much agree with what you said. The way we have approached it with our DD is to take advantage of this down time and keep working to get better. Thus turning it into a positive. Continue with as close to normal as we can in the basement of workouts and reps. At the end of the day the final decision is out of our hands so no reason to lament and complain about it. Just stay ready for when we get back on the field whenever that may be.
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  15. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Active Member

    JMO! I agree that sometimes people just need a break to try and have a general conversation about softball, other than talking about the virus. After all, softball is a big part of many peoples lives. If everyone does their part, this is only March 22nd, and travel tournaments in April are certainly in jeopardy. If everyone doesn't do their part, May tournaments may be in jeopardy. I agree with daboss, coaches and parents should be encouraging and positive with their players and daughters. Encourage them to practice at home, hitting in the garage, a barn or a basement. Take them outside, play catch in the yard, and throw them grounders. Parents are just as responsible as coaches, and should be working with their kids at home. Even during a normal season, we encourage our players to practice during the week on their own. This period of time should be no different.

    I completely understand coaches trying to make decisions on the upcoming travel season. These are good conversation pieces, because many are trying to make decisions on tournaments, uniforms, ordering trading pins for Nationals, some people made Nationals their summer vacation, there are stay-to-play events coming up with hotel reservations, and some were planning fundraisers. If we have a travel season that would be awesome, and our Storm '08 team is taking this time to plan ahead, looking at different tournaments in June and July, just in case April and May get cancelled. Tournaments will fill fast for June and July, so we are planning now. If the travel season gets cancelled, we are also planning ahead for September, October, and will be looking for some indoor winter tournaments as well.

    As for the HS season, I hope they get to play, I have a junior that plays, but she understands the crises we are in. I think a decision on the season will be made in early April OHSAA and will depend on whether the remainder of the school year is cancelled or not. I do feel bad for the Seniors, hopefully they understand that these are not normal times, and there is still hope for them to have a season. So focus on the positives for now. They can still get outside and practice on their own, the HS season has not been cancelled yet, travel season has not been cancelled yet, and they are healthy and safe.
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  16. I respect only point is what if this was a comment from a nurse or doctor who came off a 15-hour shift dealing with the situation going on in the country.....and just needs a brief distraction or break. None of us know....people just want to assume the worst about other people and it bothers me....that is all. Don't be so quick to judge people and make assumptions about people without knowing anything about them.
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  17. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Active Member

    I think the main thing we all need to get our athletes and others to understand is the importance of our health and getting ahead of the curve of this thing. The quicker we as a community, state, nation come together and realize the severity of this virus the quicker we defeat this enemy and get back to normality.
    My issue is seeing all these people in Walmart, Kroger, and other store that must really not care about anyone else around them.
    Personally my family has cut off family coming to visit and have dinner every weekend and all in person contact with everyone. Social life is important so a lot of FaceTime with grandparents and others. This is something none of us have experienced in our lives and to hear some of these people out there saying it’s not that big of a deal or this or that blows my mind. Those people are the reason we will end up being ordered to Quarantine by Governor DeWine.
    Softball will still happen this year IF we follow their suggestions and do the right things and think about others.
    Do a crash course with your Athletes and children about the severity of this virus. Get them to understand why they can’t go to stay at their friends house or go to the mall. Educate them on this thing without freaking them out.
    I feel bad for the Seniors School ball season but their health is way more important to all of us. We may still get something in. Be hopefully and know together we will get through this and beat this.
    I hope you all stay safe and healthy through this.
  18. wpaguy

    wpaguy Member

    My guess is my daughters school is closed until May 1st. That would be a 6 week shut down. Not sure if they can play a 5-6 week season , but it would be nice. If they close for the reminder of school year . Hoping we could start Travel ball by June 15. I guess will learn more of the next 2-3 weeks. If you know of any 12 year old baseball players , I just found out yesterday that Cooperstown cancelled the whole summer.
  19. frenchy101010

    frenchy101010 Member

    My personal thoughts, I think all sporting events in 2020 will be shutdown. Too many stupid people out there, this will last awhile IMO.
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  20. Cat-Man

    Cat-Man Member

    I agree with those that say this is just really to get my/our mind off of things. Of course there is a larger and more important picture, but I for one come to message boards/forums to escape from the doom and gloom. If I wanted that, I'd just go read the rest of the news sites on the internet.

    I'm going to remain positive and optimistic that this 2 week "shutdown" is going to have a major effect and we are going to see the numbers go down drastically. That being said, I have very little hope that the HS season will be saved. However, Jerry said that they have some "wiggle room" with extending the season. If that happens, I can see school ball going into June thus shortening the travel ball season. It is difficult for travel ball to extend into late summer due to fall HS sports starting, but as Russ said, fall ball already takes place, so although difficult, its not impossible. Changes would need to be made for tryouts, age requirements, etc.

    One comment about the Seniors who may miss out on their season. I feel just as bad as anyone about that possibility. But a slightly similar scenario would be that if a kid missed out on their Senior year due to an unforeseen or accidental injury. It pales in comparison, and its not supposed to make anyone feel any better, but just trying to say that it is not unprecedented. It just happens to be on a MUCH larger scale and crush many more kids.

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