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    This is my daughter's 2nd year in travel ball, therefore, I consider myself fairly new. Anyhow when we 1st joined the team, my daughter's coach used to be friendly and chatty. Anymore, he reads my questions and rarely responds; if I speak to him in person he is very short and cold. This is highly concerning to me as I feel.it is imperative to have effective communication between both the parent and player. To get to my point, I need some advice on how to address this situation.
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    With all due respect, how would you handle it with anyone else on any other subject or matter? I'm sitting here watching a new puppy trying to get 2 older dogs and myself to play. Way too eager for this time of the morning and the anguish on our faces speaks volumes for how we feel at the moment. Deep inside we love our new buddy-------just wish he'd chill out for a while. lol.

    Coaches are simply people that are supposed to know as much or more on the subject of fastpitch softball than you. Normally, but not always, they know the policies and protocol of travel ball and the sanctioning bodies of our sport.

    "In the beginning, the player's family has all the money and the coach has all the experience. When it's over, the private instructors and the tournament directors have all the money and the player's family has all the experience." Paul Hazlett

    The above quote is one I use to humorously explain the journey you are about to take. It's still a worthwhile journey filled with joy and sorrow. You can taint the experience if you get too anxious like the nipping puppy that keeps jumping on the new owner's leg.............

    It will be okay.
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    What kind of questions are you asking? You have to remember that you are one of many parents on the team, so coaches can get overwhelmed when several parents are asking questions or sometimes complaining. There could be many factors involved, but I wouldn't take it personally.
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    Speaking as a coach there are questions that will or will not get answered based on who you are and what the question is. EX. If you are parent of Player Jane, and question is in reference to Player Suzie, likely not to get answered.

    Or if it a question on playing time, coach might expect player to ask, depending on age group. Maybe you are asking questions that have already been asked and answered in group email? Or answered to player(s)?

    Or maybe coach simply doesn't know the answer. Get it all the time- parent asking when is our second game on Saturday, 3 weekends from now? Or what field is bracket game on for Sunday in 4 weeks? Or who do we play 4th game at Berliner tourney next June???

    There are 100's of different variables to consider. And maybe shortness of replies has nothing to do with softball. Maybe coach working extra? Maybe wife sick? Maybe coach job sucks?
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    As some others have already answered I will add a little something extra from a coaches side. Around the tryout and team forming season I try to budget more of my time to be available to answer questions quickly or if I don't have the answer try and find it. That time comes at a cost at a later time. Work that has been put off starts to pile up and will need caught up on.

    While I am sure what you are really wanting to know is does this mean they are not happy with your / your daughter anymore. As long as you are showing up to practices and working hard you should trust the process. Some new coaches can start to get a little overwhelmed as you get to into some fall tournaments. They might be finding a hole or 2 in their roster they did not anticipate. Give the coach a little slack if the question is not pressing. If it is something you really need an answer on right now send them a text or email asking for a minute of their time either before or after the next team practice to get it taken care of.
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    My advise would be to give some room. Stay back and be supportive. Be a fan of the team and your daughter. No reason to bother the coaching staff unless calling or texting because athlete can't make it to practice.

    I am guessing with this being her 2nd year in you are in the 10u division? As long as your daughter is practicing and going to lessons and working out on her own at home there should be no reason to call the coaches.

    No reason for parents to be calling. 9 out of 10 times if a parent is calling a coach its because of playtime or they disagree with coaches decisions. And that's OK to disagree with a coaches decision just keep it to yourself.

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