Favorite Concession Stand Food

Discussion in 'General Softball' started by google1, Jun 11, 2019 at 1:34 AM.

  1. google1

    google1 Member

    What is everyone's favorite concession stand food?
  2. DLamb

    DLamb Member

    Mid America has good loaded nachos...Rowe Sports has good hamburgers.
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  3. 1stbasecoach

    1stbasecoach Member

    CYO fields has an excellent concession stand. We haven't played their in a couple of years but I miss the chicken salad sandwiches, fresh squeezed lemonade, and ice cream.
  4. TheSoftballZone

    TheSoftballZone Administrator

    Riverside Park in Zanesville, Ohio had the best hog dogs I ever had. It took me two years to find out what brand name they were using, I only found out because the person running the stand was sent packet when the park was taken over by a company.
  5. 1stbasecoach

    1stbasecoach Member

    Also, The Glory Round Up at Homecoming Park in Maumee had Chick-Filet sandwiches.
  6. DLamb

    DLamb Member

    If anyone here runs a stand and wants some awesome pork tenderloin sandwiches...King Kold Meats in Vandalia/Englewood has the best...

    Took several years of asking a local fundraising organization where they got theirs from...one guy told me in secret, so keep it on the down low.
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  7. PaintTheBlack

    PaintTheBlack New Member

    Corndogs at Berliner
  8. Dave Coffee

    Dave Coffee New Member

  9. SMc4SMc

    SMc4SMc Member

    BEER. I believe it was at
    MVP Sportspark. Umps and staff cool. Oh yeah, and chips.
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  10. Irish196

    Irish196 Active Member

    Frozen grapes.
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  11. OhPhat

    OhPhat Member

    My wife says the ribeye sandwich at Riverside park in Zanesville is good.
  12. CARDS

    CARDS Active Member

    Not sure if they still have a full bar but...I remember back in 2007 when MVP/Pastime Park first got their liquor licence . There were parents hanging out of the upper deck by the time the championship game started on Saturday around 11pm...

    Best concession stand food in Cincinnati is at West Side Sports Park in Cleves Ohio hands down. Cheese Coneys from Price Hill Chili, Double Decker lunch meat sandwiches and of course the big hippo burger that is kind of like the Thermonator...

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