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  1. jayflyer98

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    Would love to hear from people on which tournament outside of Ohio is their favorite. Looking to add one trip for our 15U team for the 2021 season. I normally like to stay a local as possible, but getting some pressure from the girls on the team to do at least one "trip" next summer.
    Looking for something that all enjoy... players and family. Anyone been to Traverse City for a tournament? Would love something on a lake/beach so the girls could enjoy some team bonding time. Also don't want to break the bank either.
  2. HITTER23

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    I would say in todays tournies, Atlanta Legacy is tops, followed by Pennesbury N.J. Back in the day tournies, A.S.A. Gold in Okla City.
  3. WFC World Series......Myrtle Beach. 6 game guarantee, 4 PP double elim. Lots of time for beach and whatever other attractions families want to do
  4. DanMaz

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    pretty much any Myrtle Beach. We have played the Summer Nationalsa couple times. Triple Crown uses Grand park and North Myrtle Beach Sports park which are both top notch facilities. and well..... there is the beach. and the boardwalk, Broadway at the Beach, barefoot landing, and of course there is the BEACH! lol if you have a good group, go rent a condo or house on the beach and stay a few extra days!
  5. Gulf Shores AL does a nice one, and I think it’s a little more affordable in that area than Destin or Myrtle Beach. Not too bad of a drive.
    Never been to one in Traverse city but that would be nice- cooler than other destination tourneys!
  6. Davemy

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  7. Passion4theGame

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    Aunt Rosie’s has always been on my bucket list and now that we are a true 16u team this year 2020/2021 we will be putting in the application for the Aunt Rosie’s Showcase. Dave and the crew run a top notch event and every coach I have talked to about it loves playing there.

    If your looking for a year end tournament Myrtle, Gulf shores, or Panama City.

    Panama City was probably my favorite. And here’s why. 12u season USFA Champs. A lot of great competition down there that year too.

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  8. her mom

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    Aunt Rosies, WFC Myrtle Beach and Scenic City in TN/GA
  9. DanMaz

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    IDT Boulder Colorado was definitely one of my favorites. Estes park and wild animals and snow up on the mountain, Coors brewery tours. Mountains in the outfield background. Not to mention I have never seen any better competition in any tournament anywhere.
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  10. CoachRonLMFP

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    USSSA Great Lakes Nationals, Deaconess Park Evansville, IN
    The nicest park we've played at. Fields were immaculate, scoreboards, nice dugouts.
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  11. Dawgsdad

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    Galaxy of Stars Virginia Beach is still my favorite. Excellent and clean facilities. They worked each field between games and yes it was competitive. The big item is the 8GG with 4 showcase games on Wednesday and Thursday.
  12. Miller

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    Sparkler Colorado was my favorite. Awesome fields no matter what venue you played. Coaches everywhere. Add in the amazing scenery and things to do as well as being well ran, it tops my list.

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