final fling Marysville ohio 2018

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  1. betsy fraker

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    Fianl fling Tournament July 12-22th
    * 3 game Gaurantee, eather permitting
    * All Age 10-18u
    * 375$ fee

    teams register as of 5/15
    WL force- 18u
    Ohio Sting- 18U
    Heart of ohio-18u
    cbus lighting

    Cap City force -16u
    Raymond Rapture-16u
    Muskie Chix -16u
    Ohio Sting-16u
    Ohio Rebels -16u
    heart of Ohio-16u
    Bo Jackson blast -16u

    Ohio sting -14u
    Gc Vipers-14u
    Heart of ohio-14u

    Ohio Sting- 12
    Black hawks-12u
    Ohio Of heart-12u
    Oakland Cobras-12u
    Bo Jackson Blast-12u

    heart of ohio- 10u
    MOB -10u

    Please email mr call if you have any questions
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  2. Blackhawks OG

    Blackhawks OG New Member

    Will you please add Blackhawks OG to the 18u division.

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