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Discussion in 'General Softball' started by Seahawks02, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Seahawks02

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    My daughter has only been playing fastpitch for 2 years now. We have taken her to multiple hitting instructors. Technically she has gotten better. The problem that continues to come up, is she soft focuses while she is batting. She will tell me after she comes into the dugout, "I didn't see it." First any tips on how to help???? Second, she hits consistent off a machine, something about live?!? So is it possible to get an older pitcher too pitch live against her? Like hitting lessons but live pitching.
  2. Stedman00

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    step #1, make sure she doesn't need glasses.

    Step #2 machine speeds and location don't change. Sounds like shes timing up speed and location and hitting the ball well. Actually, a very good simulation to live pitching is front toss from close (~10-15'). similiar reaction time, 'pitcher' can change locations and speeds easily to ID swing flaws, problem areas, etc.
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  3. daboss

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    Okay, I'm going to share with you a secret drill but you can't tell anyone or I'll have you put in fake hitting instructor jail!!!!!

    Beans; start with dried lima beans than advance to kidney beans later. Safety glasses needed, stand about 8-10ft away in front of your daughter. Get her into ready hitting mode. Pitch her a lima bean underhand and have her swing to hit it. Swing no matter where the beans is. Focus on hitting the bean as hard as she can. You can simulate a complete arm circle but be sure to instruct her to watch by your hip for the release point of the pitch so she'll see the bean as soon as it leaves your hand.. the beans are biodegradable, the birds eat what is left on the ground. A bag normally costs less than a dollar and can train an entire team for a weekend. If she can swing and hit a lima bean regularly you can advance to kidney beans. If she can hit a bean, she can see to hit a softball. Absolutely the best hitting drill anyone can use. Try it and you'll see why.

    Just don't tell anyone.............
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  4. travelball

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    daboss...Great idea, I love it. I'm buying a bag of beans today.
  5. Seahawks02

    Seahawks02 New Member

    She does wear glasses.
  6. Seahawks02

    Seahawks02 New Member

    Lol won't say a word.
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  7. daboss

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    You have shared with us she wears glasses and that can be a contributing factor to see the ball. It can be overcome but might take some changes.

    Sports glasses with transitioning lens help and believe it or not contacts actually work very well as they stay in position on the eye giving you the best view possible. Let me explain. Many young hitters learning the craft tend to have a rigid jaw and forget their head is on a swivel. They need to learn to turn their head slightly as the pitch comes closer towards the plate. My analogy is their nose is a pointer and should always be pointing at the ball. This levels or balances the head so the eyes are looking directly at the ball and not tracking the ball with their peripheral vision. I have found it beneficial to have batters stand in the box and do nothing but track pitches go by them all the way to the backstop, pitch after pitch. The simple movement of the head to follow can help. The next thing I encourage is to hit the ball wherever it is; even in the dirt or over their head. Another way of getting their head to move and see the ball off the barrel of the bat. If they can't swing to hit it, have them simply hold it out to make contact. They can hone the art of knowing the strike zone later once they can actually see and hit a ball. This can be added to the bean drill that does not exist. All will help.

    People; keep in mind that most hitters can hit what they see. If they pull their head and take their eyes off the target they most likely will swing the bat to the zone that they are looking at the moment. See what I'm trying to say? We need to train them to look directly at the ball. Next, we need to establish a clean form of the swing itself so we can be sure they have a command of the swing at the target they are looking at. Last; learn the strike zone----------the entire strike zone so they have a complete understanding of what the umpires are calling.

    Remember; in this sport if you hit 3-4 out of 10 you'll be considered a hero. Don't let your expectations cloud reality.
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  8. FastBat

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    /\/\/\This is awesome! I love it! Thank you, I will be heading to the store to buy some beans this morning!

    Also, if you think she "spaces out" or gets that deer in headlights look, consider a pre-pitch wiggle to keep her mind busy or occupied while she is waiting on the pitcher to get her sign and start her pitch. (I believe it's kind of the same principle as students with attention problems who sit on exercise balls in the classroom.)
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  9. #4mom

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    Her prescription may have changed. Vision prescriptions can change rapidly especially in teenage girls. My daughters has changed in a couple month period of time. Maybe get rechecked. Sometime a pair of new eyes can make a big difference.

    The beans work!! JS
  10. ENeale

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    Beans are great, but bang for your buck, tractor supply has corn cornels cheaper and a bigger bag!!!
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  11. manitoudan

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    What part of the state are you in ?
  12. Seahawks02

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    Southwest Ohio. First thing I want ti say thank you to everyone that helped with any information. The past games have been great. She worked every day on her hitting using all the tips and a few new ones. She came up 1 foot short, hit the top of the fence, from hitting her first homerun. She went 8 for 13 with 2 triples 4 doubles . Thanks so much to everyone. Biggest thing that has helped her, still hands!!!!!!!!!!

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