ASA Tournament Lasers Tournament - June 11-13

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    Lasers Tournament
    June 11-13, 2021
    7-12 game guarantee
    at Berliner Park in Columbus, Ohio
    Email Lasers@LadyLasers for a registration form
    or call 419-294-3265.
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    Let's hope it gets to be played at Berliner. Or at least somewhere that has lights so you can see the fields when you arrive first thing in the morning before the sun is up. OMG, LOL! Trying to figure out where to go(even with the little map on back of paper) and watching everyone drive in a circle in Marion was priceless. Other then the arguments that happened between couples yelling at each other to read the map or U can't see it,, I am trying to dirve and look LOL!!!!!! That was the not so priceless part.... still a great place and tournament though this past weekend. The only other problem was cash only for things. Other then that kuddos for a fun Lasers Fall All Star Showcase. Sorry, I know this post had nothing to do with this past weekend, but it just made me think about it LOL!!!!!
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    7 - 12 gg ? thats a lot of games.. can you give more details about this event?
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    It is 6 pool play into single elimination. PDF is attached.

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    $750 is a deal for a minimum of 7 games
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    Is there a team list?
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    Looking for more 10u teams
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    Still looking for more 10u teams

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