Looking for a 15u Pitcher to complete rotation

Discussion in 'Retired Tryouts Post' started by The3dm, Aug 14, 2015.

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  1. The3dm

    The3dm New Member

    Looking for a Quality 15u Pitcher to complete rotation

    Premier Athletics Fastpitch is looking for a Quality 15u Pitcher to complete our rotation on a brand new team.

    This team will be made up of all 15u players to give us the opportunity to develop a year-to-year consistently high performing group that can stay together.

    The coaching staff is as follows (all non-parent staff)

    Head Coach - Nyleen Wolfe (Kappele), former travelball & collegiate pitcher, Brunswick & Buckeye HS standout
    Asst. Coach - Melyssa Moenich, former travelball pitcher, St. Joseph Academy 4 yr varsity starting pitcher
    Asst. Coach - Doug Moenich, Past President Breakers, 13 years travelball & HS coaching at all age levels

    We have put together a strong core on both sides of the ball, the defense to keep us in games and the offense to win them. All we need is few more pieces to complete the puzzle. Definitely looking for a quality pitcher that is looking for a great opportunity.

    Please PM me with any questions, I am more than happy to answer any question.

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  2. The3dm

    The3dm New Member

    We prefer to bring on a RH pitcher as we currently have two LH, although if you bring a different look we would consider another LH.
  3. sprunger

    sprunger New Member

    Where do you play out of?
  4. The3dm

    The3dm New Member

    Northern Medina County, Valley City to be exact.
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