16 under Scrimmage Lookouts Select looking to scrimmage 9/18

Discussion in 'Friendlies & Scrimmage' started by penguinswin, Sep 10, 2021.

  1. penguinswin

    penguinswin Member


    Lookouts Select 16U is looking for a team to scrimmage Saturday night (9/18). We have a field in Tallmadge with lights, so time is flexible. Please contact Jason D. Queen or myself to get it set it!
  2. Stampede 06

    Stampede 06 New Member

    Are you still looking to scrimmage? What is the phone number to contact?
  3. Coach Paris

    Coach Paris Member

    Ohio ice orange 06 could be interested can you reach out to coach Paris at 330-472-7779
  4. penguinswin

    penguinswin Member

    we are set this weekend, but for future options, feel free to contact Jason Queen 330-690-6576 or Eric Finnegan 330-730-0998

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