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    Seeking the best 10u, 12u, & 13u teams (no HS players) for 4gg indoor tournament at YSU WATTS center on March 17-18, 2018.

    Cost: ONLY $525 ... incredibly inexpensive for this facility which charges $200 per hour if you're lucky enough to get a couple of hours

    Where: YSU WATTS Center (Facility Link Here)

    We expect to take at least 12-16 teams from 10u & 12u and maybe 6-8 13u teams. Since we have the facility for the entire weekend, teams will be asked how early and how late they can play and we'll take as many as possible to maximize the greatest softball we can field.

    Tournament supporting and hosted by YSU Business Students

    Refreshments, candy, and pepperoni rolls will be available in the facility. YSU rules mandate no outside food in this facility because only certain menu/vendors are permitted.

    We are NOT charging for parking but YSU lots might charge for parking. Most Sunday's are FREE because the parking booths are not manned. However, it is more likely that visitors will be charged on Saturday. This is hit and miss and out of our control.

    Tournament/Play Info

    • 10u & 12u Top teams will be chosen based on application
    • 13u non-high school teams (tentative) may also apply because we have the facility all weekend and may play late into the night.
    • Four (4) GG, weather not an issue. Get quality winter reps. Three (3) PP followed by single elimination.
    • Facility open by 8 am and play will begin no later than 9 am (targeting doors open by 7 and play by 8). If we can get building open earlier, play will begin earlier.
    • Format will be 65 min, drop per ASA rules so we can play as many games as possible and keep the schedule on a 75 minute cycle.
    • Championship games will be 75 min, finish with 85 min drop in order to keep those games on a 90 minute cycle.
    • PP can use two EPs and free defensive substitutions
    • Team check-in upon arrival
    • All teams must have insurance and concussion
    • NO High School Students are permitted to participate (should not be an issue but there are geniuses running around). Coaches must sign waiver ensuring no athletes are in high school. This is due to NCAA rules.
    • Latest ASA rules apply
    • One ump per game


    • All teams must EMAIL ME to express interest so I can email you application. Please put 2018 MONSTER INVITATIONAL APPLICATION in the subject line and include team name, division, and year (04, 05, 06, 07, or 08)
    • Teams must mail check with application.
    • Application deadline: Form and check must be received by February 2, 2018
    • Decision will be announced on February 9, 2018
    • Checks will be deposited and unsuccessful teams will be mailed reimbursement after decision date.


    • Valley Extreme - Ray
    • Ohio Ice Black
    • Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners
    • Buckeye Elite

    • Ohio Storm 06
    • Valley Extreme - McDonough
    • Ohio Outlaws - Gerring
    • Valley Rage 05
    • Team PA 05
    • Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners
    • Buckeye Elite 05
    • Buckeye Elite 06

    • Ohio Bulldawgs Elite 04
    • Valley Extreme - Buck
    • Outlaws 04 - Garroway
    • Outlaws Futures Rapp
    • Pittsburgh Spirit 04
    • Thunder Elite


    10u: Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners over Ohio Ice

    12u: Valley Rage over Team PA

    13u: Valley Extreme over Outlaws - Garroway
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    Team List

    List of applicants. Bid = Accepted into event, remaining teams selected based on application.


    • Valley Extreme - Ray (OH) (mailed payment)
    • Ohio Ice Black (pd)
    • Steel City Cyclones (pd)
    • Ohio Wolfpack [BID](earned bid by winning Monster Bash North)
    • Southern Ohio Force 07 [BID](earned bid by winning Monster Bash South)
    • Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners White 07 (mailed payment)
    • Buckeye Elite 07(pd)


    • Valley Extreme - McDonough (OH) (pd)
    • Ohio Storm 06 (OH) (pd)
    • Ohio Wolfpack 12u (OH)
    • Ohio Wolfpack - Jannelli (pd)
    • Ohio Outlaws 06 - Gerring
    • Steel City Cyclones 06
    • Valley Rage 05 (pd)
    • Team PA 05 (pd)
    • Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners 06 (pd)
    • Buckeye Elite 05 [BID] (pd)(earned bid by winning Monster Bash South)
    • Buckeye Elite 06 (pd)

    • Warpath (PA)
    • Valley Extreme - Buck (OH) [BID](earned bid by winning Monster Bash South) (pd)
    • River City Venom (PA)
    • Ohio Bulldawgs Elite 04 (OH) (pd)
    • Ohio Stampede (pd)
    • Nitro 04
    • Outlaws 04 Garroway (pd)
    • Outlaws Futures Rapp (pd)
    • Pittsburgh Spirit 04 (pd)
    • St Marys Pounders (pd)
    • ROC Elite 04
    • Thunder Elite 04 (pd)
    • Ohio Emeralds 04 (pd)
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    Starting to get teams. Taking the top ~20 teams over all divisions (10u/12u/13u). Fantastic indoor complex. Facility charges $200 per hour so this is the best indoor value you're likely to find. We have all of Saturday and Sunday.
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    Updated team list
  5. xz2sdk

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    Added Ohio Storm 06. Thanks Jason.
  6. xz2sdk

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    Added Ohio Wolfpack 12u. Thanks.
  7. xz2sdk

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    Added River City Venom 13u. Thanks Ron.
  8. xz2sdk

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    Added Ohio Bulldawgs Elite 04 to 12u. Thanks Josh.
  9. We are 13U. (True 04)
    I know, it still sounds weird to me too. :)
  10. xz2sdk

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    Fixed listing to move Bulldawgs Elite to 13u. Thanks Josh!
  11. xz2sdk

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    Added Ohio Stampede to 13u. Thanks Craig.
  12. xz2sdk

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    Added Ohio Wolfpack - Jannelli to 12u. Thanks!
  13. xz2sdk

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    Added Ohio Ice Black 10u.
  14. xz2sdk

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    Added Nitro 04. Thanks.
  15. xz2sdk

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    Added Outlaws 04 Garroway. Thanks Tony.
  16. xz2sdk

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    Added Ohio Outlaws 06 - Gerring. Thanks Adam.
  17. xz2sdk

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    Added Outlaws Futures Rapp to 13u. Welcome Bryan.
  18. xz2sdk

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    Added Steel City Cyclones 10u. Thanks Howard.
  19. xz2sdk

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    Added Pittsburgh Spirit 04. Thanks Chad.
  20. xz2sdk

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    Added Ohio Wolfpack 10u. Requested their EARNED BID by winning the Monster Bash North. A great group of young ladies!

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