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  1. Popular 5 GG for everyone who wants quality reps in early spring.

    Dates: May 18-20, 2018

    Cost: ONLY $400 ... ($20 no Friday option - see explanation below)

    Where: Champion Athletic Club, Champion OH (will expand parks this year if demand is high)

    Bid: WIN a BID to next Winter's (2019) YSU WATTS MONSTER INVITATIONAL. (not scheduled yet but intend on hosting again - Must be age eligible) (see 2018 Invitational info here)

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    Tournament Info

    • 10u, 12u, & 14u
    • FIVE (5) GG, weather permitting
    • Single Elimination Bracket Play
    • Four (4) pp games, weather permitting, seeded into single elimination brackets
    • PP and bracket games will have 75 minute / finish the inning, limit
    • Bracket placement based on PP performance (4 games, weather permitting)
    • Cross-pool seeding so the first round of bracket play will not be against a PP opponent
    • PP games can end in a tie
    • PP can use two EPs and free defensive substitutions
    • Elimination begins on Sunday but if many teams in one division, it may start Saturday
    • No time limit on championship games (7 innings)
    • Team check-in one hour prior to first scheduled game
    • All teams must have insurance (collected) and concussion
    • Manager to have copy of birth certificates in case of challenge
    • Latest ASA rules apply
    • Team check-in at least one hour before first game
    • Refund Policy. Started games will be considered played. Refunds are per: 0 played=$275, 1 played=$150, 2 played=$75, 3 or more=$0
    • Individual awards for 1st and 2nd place finishers
    • Team awards for 1st and 2nd place finishers

    Pinata SMASH:

    • Each team must bring an Pinata filled with candy
    • During elimination play, teams will smash the pinata of the loosing team with tournament-provided bats (won't be as easy as you think)
    • Winning teams keep the candy
    • Championship teams smash their opponents pinata and their own ... so they get extra sugar!
    • Pinata brought on first day the team plays and should be decorated to win prizes

    The GUARANTEED No Friday Option
    Overwhelmingly, teams have elected to take advantage of the No Friday option even though there's a small fee. We recognize that very few tournaments offer this option, here's why we do:
    • Most, if not all, tournament requests are NOT guaranteed. This is a way to guarantee you don't play on Friday.
    • We pay for Friday's at most complexes we rent and MANY teams are asking for No Friday games, which is understandable.
    • It's a way to determine who really needs No Friday's.
    • The inability to play games on Friday's means we need to take fewer teams in the tournament.
    • The teams who are "local" and can play on Friday are repeatedly placed in the same pools, tournament after tournament. This enables them to play different competition.
    Here's how we schedule Fridays"
    1. We eliminate all the teams who elected the No Friday option from Friday scheduling consideration
    2. We count and evaluate the remaining teams to maximize facility usage on Friday. For example, if we can play on seven (7) fields on Friday, we look for 14 teams. If there are 15 teams who did not elect No Friday's, then the furthest one (1) team WILL NOT be scheduled and the closest fourteen (14) will be scheduled. Therefore, distance may play a role. However, almost everyone like the option to ensure they don't play so we haven't encountered this situation.


    • Registration NOT complete until check received. Without payment, spot NOT guaranteed. Mailing instructions will be sent to registrants.

    FILLED last year and we got the tournament in!!!

    TD Contact Info:
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    (may be more teams if they reached out to TD directly)


    1. Ohio Ice Black (pd)
    2. Pittsburgh Power - Cogis (pd)
    3. Valley Extreme (pd)
    4. Ohio Energy (pd)
    5. Buckeye Charge
    6. Aftershock
    7. ROC Elite
    8. Ohio Maddogs (pd)
    9. ?

    1. Valley Extreme - McDonough (pd)
    2. Explosive Gray (pd)
    3. Pittsburgh Spirit (pd)
    4. SC Prospects 05 (pd)
    5. ROC 05
    6. Willoughby Starzz (pd)
    7. Ohio Ice White (pd)
    8. Ohio Energy 05 (pd)
    9. Steel Valley Storm (pd)
    10. Silver Creek Prospects
    11. Tallmadge Force 06 (pd)
    12. Ohio Energy 06
    13. Buckeye Charge (pd)
    14. Streak (pd)
    15. Explosive
    16. ?

    1. Valley Extreme - Buck (pd)
    2. Valley Extreme - Angelo (pd)
    3. River City Venom (pd)
    4. SPC HotSox (pd)
    5. Explosive Black (pd)
    6. Steel Valley Storm (pd)
    7. Ohio Energy (pd)
    8. Ohio Warriors (pd)
    9. ?

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  3. $20 discount to returning teams who pay by January 1, 2018.
  4. Pinata-Umpire- Monster.JPG

    Kids LOVED this event. We got all the games in. Check out this pinata of an umpire. Look familiar?
  5. 10+ teams registering. This will fill up. Even though it rained last year, all the games were played.
  6. 5 gg for $400. Fun. Filling
  7. Added SPC HotSox 04.
  8. NEWS. Winning 10u & 12u teams win bid for 2019 Monster Invitational at WATTS (Date/format TBD). See OFC LINK to 2017 HERE
  9. adding River City Venom 14u.
  10. Added Ohio Blast
  11. Added Valley Extreme - McDonough 12u. Thanks.
  12. Added Ohio Ice White 12u.
  13. Steel City Select added to 14u.
  14. Added Explosive - Gray 12u. Thanks!
  15. Online Registration form now active. Please go to link to fill out form to hold your spot.
  16. Added Ohio Ice Black 10u. Thanks!
  17. Added Pittsburgh Power - Cogis to 10u. Thanks!
  18. Added Pittsburgh Spirit 12u Futures. Thanks!
  19. Added SC Prospects 05 to 12u list. Thanks and Happy New Years!

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