My rec ball daughter asked if she can do travel ball...

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  1. Elspizo

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    .... and I haven’t a clue how to look into it, if she’s good enough, if it’s something we even want to do.

    Her problem is, fielding, throwing, even pitching she’s far and away best on the team, batting needs work. I currently coach the team and she’s frustrated as heck by the other girls on the team and the constant and unending whining and pouting. (I have to beg some of them to get off the bench to get onto the field during games), it’s frustrating.

    Problem is, I’ve heard how time consuming it is... although she’s already pulling me out the door to practice 5 days a week whether I want to or not and in rec ball... well, I can’t imagine how much more time consuming it can get than repairing a field that washes away once or twice a week, dealing with politics of charters and the league, and then parents who’s kid is currently using second base as a pillow asking why their kid isn’t pitching.

    Please either encourage me or talk me out of it... or tell me how to find out if it’s for her or not. I’m not even opposed to having one of y’all call me if it takes that much explaining. Just let me know.
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  2. Elspizo

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    I apologize, I may have this in the wrong forum
  3. What is her age? I coach my daughters travel team and absolutely love it. She’s 10u and only player travel for 2 years. At the beginning she was horrible and we just wanted her on a team and it was the only sport she liked to play. Now 2 years later she’s amazing. It not only costs a lot of money but also takes up a lot of your time. Practices a couple days a week, hitting lessons, catcher lessons and weekends full of games. But it’s all worth it when she’s out there playing and makes a good play. Or hits the ball farther than normal.
    My opinion is “rec ball” only helps pitchers. The rec teams in our area are painful to watch, and some girls are there cuz mom and dad made them or their friend is playing. So they don’t try or even like the game. Once she plays travel and starts to improve, as her parent you’ll never want to watch her play rec ball again.
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  4. Elspizo

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    She’s 10, plays 10u but turns 11 in Aug so will age up to 12u next year
  5. Elspizo

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    I’m currently head coach of a team with about 3 girls that want to be there, and 10 whose parents signed them up and yep, Don’t really care about the game.
  6. Elspizo

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    Oh, and I don’t want to coach if she goes travel. I’d be willing to help and do whatever the coach tells me to do if they want, but I’m ok with sitting in a chair watching if that’s what they want too.
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    I have been in your position,its not fun .I would suggest thst you find a tourney or 3 and go watch.Pay attention to coaches,players and parents.A good fit for your daughter will depend on all three.Watch the level of play,are you there,can you get there.There are alot of teams out there,some are awesome, some good and some just there.In season tournaments are good to see what teams are really like,at tryouts some teams put on a good show.There is alot of good information and people on this site,so being here is a good start,best of luck to you
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  8. My daughter just turned 11. She’s at a perfect young age to get her on a travel team and see if she likes it. What area do you live ? Nothing worse than being on a team with multiple girls that don’t want to be there, makes a long day for everyone. My daughter played spring ball to get more swings and I think it set her back some. She’ll never play rec ball again.
  9. AnotherSoftballDad

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    I can tell this day and age there is every level of travel ball. I think it is something you have to try for at least a season and you will get a lot of the answers you are looking for.....then go from there.
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  10. Elspizo

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    Akron/Canton area
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    Elspizo- just do it. You know its something you have to do. Look on the forum for a team looking for players and take her to a tryout. You never know. When DD made the leap from rec to travel she was rejected by the first two teams she tried out for. She was eventually picked up by a team she belonged on talent wise, and 6 years and 3 organizations later, she is playing in college.
    Just the very fact that DD is better than the other girls in rec and that she is frustrated by it should be enough to get her out of dodge. Just do it, Do it NOW!!!!
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    Go watch a tournament or two, next weekend there is one in Willoughby, should not be too far from you. Feel the experience, examine the talent to see if you feel your daughter is ready. It is a large commitment, but my daughter is 10 and has done it for 3 years and we will never look back. She has learned so much about the game, made friends and valuable life lessons....good luck.
  13. travelball

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    Yes, do it. Do it now. Find some teams looking for a player...not PLAYERS at this point in the year. Take her to a couple practice/tryouts. Find a team with the coaching and philosophy that matches your and your daughter's. As you stated you don't want to coach, be prepared for this to be a hand-off experience. Just sit back and enjoy watching your girl do what she loves. It's been my experience that travel coaches (the good ones, anyway) insist that the parents let the coaches coach, unless the coach personally requests assistance in some way. An please do not overstep your boundaries. On a travel team it can be awkward. And expect your daughter to earn her playing time. I'm sure she is awesome, but the harmony of a travel team can be damaged if a girl comes in and benches someone who has been there since day one. Be patient. If you selected the right team/coach, her playing time will increase. Travel teams are like family, so treat them as you would your own family and let the girls do their job to get better and win games! Good luck to you and your daughter! It's a lot of commitment, but it's something we would do all over again!
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    lots of travel team in Akron area all different levels shouldn’t have a problem finding the right fit you her. Also there is a lot of tournament at Firestone stadium that you can go watch this summer
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  16. Letsgo10!

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    Plenty of good advice here. I would recommend watching and also maybe try to sub for a team this year to see if it's something she likes before making the full commitment next season. Good luck!
  17. pitchersdad26

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    It all depends on the girl, how much does she like to play, travel ball is a big commitment. She has to want to improve and get better, stress the fundamentals of the game. Good coaching can help tremendously, however you can't coach hard work and heart. Coaches can deal with mistakes that players make, it happens to everyone, but what turns coaches off is lack of effort. My daughter played since12u all the way through high school and finished her second year at college, wouldn't change a thing. Some of the best times, and friends are made during our summers. So should you play travel ball, if her heart is in it YESSS!!!
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    No I believe you have your post placed in the best section.
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    It’s literally all she talks about, we walk through target and she’s throwing invisible pitches. I got her hitting nets and a pitching machine hoping if it was a phase it would burn out, but she’s still out there every day soft tossing and hitting with our neighbor girl who is equally obsessed with softball.

    Btw, you’re right about the lack of effort. Im coaching her rec league team right now and I think I’d rather have bamboo shoved under my fingernails than listen to another round of some of her teammates whining about being put in the game.

    Yes, being put in. I used to get pissed as a kid when I had to take my turn on the bench, but I did it, they whine and beg to sit the bench.
  20. pitchersdad26

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    It sounds like she has a passion for the game like you because you don't coach a rec team if you don't love the game. So that is half the battle right there. I guess the best thing for her is to work on her skills, especially fielding. I recommend getting her the facemask as well, it can take some of the fear of some hot shots hit to her and BAD HOP BALLS. Seen a lot of those, even in college ball! If she's having trouble hitting get a tee, and work on bunting, which can lead to slap hitting. I can't tell you even in college how many girls can't get a bunt down. Just keep reminding her that this game is one of failure, if you get a hit 3 out of 10 times you are considered a great hitter! I hope that she continues with the same passion for the game she has now because if you give it love it gives it back.

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