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Discussion in 'General Softball' started by wellbuckit, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. wellbuckit

    wellbuckit New Member

    I need some advice please. I have a daughter('06, 12U) that recently started catching several pitchers that are throwing in the high 50's to mid 60's consistently. One of the girls actually hit 70 mph while using the resistance training band the other night. I can't say how accurate that is but I will guarantee that she was bringing it in the high 60's at the very least. With that being said I need to look into getting my daughter a mitt that can handle those types of speeds. She's using a run of the mill Mizuno at the moment and the padding is nowhere near what she needs. I know price is always something to think about but when it comes to her health and safety I will bite the bullet if needed. I would also like to get several years out of it also. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. jpkeating

    jpkeating New Member

    Mid 60’s at 12u, are you sure it wasn’t kph instead of mph
  3. wellbuckit

    wellbuckit New Member

    I think you misunderstood me. My daughter is 12u not the pitchers. The pitchers are anywhere from 12u to 16u. It was mph also.
  4. Tdale

    Tdale New Member

    I bought my DD a Nokona, in my opinion one of the greatest gloves around. It's really tough to break in, but will definatley last a long time. I met The Glove Doctor at one of the tournaments we were at this past summer, and he specializes in Nokonas. He was able to do a couple of things to her glove to really make more manageable. He sells all kinds of gloves (pre broke in). Definitely worth looking into, hope this helps!!
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  5. Freeze Mizer

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    Nokonas are excellent mitts. I’d also recommend getting your DD a protective glove ( similar to a batting glove but with extra padding and thumb protection). There are several different ones out there. I also recommend the “catcher’s thumb guard”. This protects the thumb bone from constant abuse and hyper extension.
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  6. wellbuckit

    wellbuckit New Member

    Thank you!! I will definitely look into it.
    Thank you for the advise. She is currently using a "Team Defender"( to help from hyper extension and a weight lifting glove to help with the pads of her hand.
  7. wadad

    wadad Member

    My daughter has caught some of the best pitchers around. For years she was using her worth Liberty. It kept literally exploding so we decided to get her a new glove . We went to see Mike (The glove Doctor) and he let her use and try about 15 high end gloves. She was very impressed with the wilsons again and the new mizunos . she did ultimately decide on a Nokona that had been returned. She tried it for the the first time against a fire baller and relieved that there is absolutely no padding in the palm. She quickly figured out to use the web. She still uses it today.
    My advise is to call Mike and take your DD to him and let her try on different gloves first and listen to his advise. He truly is the man when it comes to gloves..He lives up near youngstown ohio.
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  8. reagansdaddy

    reagansdaddy Member

    Nokona makes a great glove. Another option that I've heard people swear by are the high end Vinci models. Might be worth checking out.
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    SOFTBALLS14 Member

    U can usually find a good Nokona on Ebay and they are usually broken in cause they are used.... I got one for fifty bucks for a player.... Just have to search a little they are out there !! Good Luck !!
    Also might want to get a Evo shield for the thumb.... It goes around the thumb inside the glove.... as my daughter has dislocated a few catchers thumbs....
    It gives them more support when catching the screw ball and if some one as young as yours is, catching older players its protects their thumb on the fast ones too!!
    Good luck!
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  10. RedStormDad

    RedStormDad New Member

    My DD never used Nakona but I've never heard a bad thing about them, aside from being tough to break in. She likes the Wilson A200 catchers mitt. Shes on her 2nd one, and will not use another mitt besides that one. I think the going rate on a new A200 is around $250.00, but they are a tough glove and the break in period is longer than your run of the mil mitt but its worth it. Best of luck in your search.
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  11. wow

    wow Member

    Upper 50's sure thats very possible. Low 60's Ie 60-61 Maybe... But upper 60's and 70? No... Just no..

    Here is Jennie finch speeds by year. And she was a phenom.

    Age / Top Speed
    8 / 49
    9 / 51
    10 / 53
    11 / 55
    12 / 59
    13 / 62
    14 / 63
    15 / 66
    16 / 68
    17 / 68
    18 / 67
    19 / 67
    20 / 69
    21 / 70
    22 / 71
    23 / 71

    Catchers Mitt? Nokona Hands down. They have walnut, banana tan, kangaroo, and multiple mixed leather gloves with double breaks. These things wear like tanks. One Mitt will last her thru college, with maybe a restring or two along the way.
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  12. wellbuckit

    wellbuckit New Member

    I did't make it up or know if it is completely true but I can only go by what the trainer tells us. I'm sure we can all agree by watching the video(turn up for sound) there is diffidently a need for a good mitt for protection. I think it's down to a Nokona or the A2000 at this point.
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  13. wellbuckit

    wellbuckit New Member

    Very insightful. Thank you for the information!!!
  14. yocoach

    yocoach New Member

    The Vinci JCV34 will outperform and outlast the comparable Nokona ( Legend Pro series, SKN series, etc.) for less money. DD has had one for 3 years now and is currently using it in her Freshman year in college. She has no problem catching even their fastest pitchers without a padded glove. They put Kevlar in much of their padding depending upon the model. If she continues to take care of it, it'll last her through her college career.
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  15. FastBat

    FastBat Active Member

    My glove sounds exactly like that, but my dd doesn’t bring it in the 60-70mph range...much less, actually. She’s a 14u player, playing for a very reputable org.

    Pitchers must lose a lot of speed as they age, IDK? This is the third time this fall I have heard of a 12u pitcher hitting 60+mph. I’m not sure where they all go after 12u because by 14u they all look like they are throwing the exact same speed...and I was just in Chattanooga two weeks ago watching my dd’s 14u team.

    BTW, get ready for the FSU and LSU calls. If I were you, I would purchase a Nokona, spend as much as you want, you won’t be paying for college.
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  16. lewam3

    lewam3 Member

    I will "third" that recommendation for the Vinci Catchers mitt. I have used it to catch DD for the past 5 years. One word of advice: they are hard to break in. I mean they come to you like 3/4 inch plywood.
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  17. wellbuckit

    wellbuckit New Member

    Wow.... Where do I start with this? :confused: With the response you left i'm guessing that you are one of the favorite posters on this forum:rolleyes:. I will try to reply to your post as you typed it.

    So with that being said I would like to congratulate your daughter on making it on a team in a very reputable organization. My daughter also plays for a very reputable organization.

    From my experience most pitchers don't lose speed as they age unless there is an injury. This is where reading comprehension comes in handy. I never once said that a 12u girl was pitching 60+ I actually posted a second time stating that they were older pitchers(please re-read). What I did say was that MY DD

    is 12U, an 06' to be exact was catching girls throwing in the 60's.

    I'm sure there are fast pitchers in 14u. Here is a girl throwing in the mid 60's and shes 14u. If your DD reputable org plays in reputable tournaments i'm sure you will see her team there.

    I hope she gets offers from schools like FSU and LSU but that's not why we do this. We do it for the love of the game and if that ever changes she can walk away if she wants.

    Now this is where you finally decide to give the advise I was asking for. The Nakona is a very nice mitt and i'm still considering it.

    With the last statement you made I figured that you already knew....... If I saved all of the money from the training, team fees, travel cost, ...ect I could pay for college and not worry about a scholarship.

    On a side note she does train with girls that have offers as sophomore in high school like this young lady. She might not be the fastest but she can spin the ball.

    I love this one because this is my 11 daughter catching a young lady throwing around 60 while shes balancing on a BOSU ball.

    Good luck this year!!
  18. yocoach

    yocoach New Member

    Yep...took me six weeks of beating it with a glove mallet after putting glove conditioner on it every two weeks and another six weeks of her catching pitchers to fully break it in.

    ETA: The one thing you might not be aware of is the overall circumference is not like other mitts. They are different due to the deeper pocket that's developed over time. So a JCV34 may measure say 33' for example but the pocket is deeper than most other 34" mitts even though they might actually measure 33" overall.
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  19. wellbuckit

    wellbuckit New Member

    Thank you!! That’s nice to know and something to take into consideration.
    Thank you... That is something I had not thought about.

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