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Looking at a new bat to go along with 19 LXT

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  1. 2020 Prism

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  2. 2019 Ghost

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  3. 2019 CF Zen

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  1. DLamb

    DLamb Member

    looking at a new bat...see poll. Let me know your thoughts...
  2. Mark1951mazak

    Mark1951mazak New Member

    2020 Easton ghost is being released around June 17th it’s approved for all sanctions. Might be worth waiting for that bat
  3. Long Baller

    Long Baller Active Member

    The Zen and the Ghost are proven performers. I haven't seem much of the Prism to personally judge, just what I have read on the net and watched on YouTube. The opinions seem to vary on the Prism.

    I believe that as far as swing weight and feel go, the LXT is supposed to fall right between the Zen and the Ghost. If your DD is indifferent after swinging them all back to back, I would probably go with the Ghost.

    Another thing to consider. We have a Ghost and a Zen in our household stable of bats. The Zen weights in close to the advertised weight, while the Ghost is 1 3/8 over advertised. It's a 33/23, but actually weighs in at 34 3/8 oz on my super scientific, highly calibrated, digital food scale. o_O
  4. M & R Davis

    M & R Davis Member

    if your daughter can take the weight of the ghost that is what I would do. If it is close to the blue ASA ghost it will be a great bat.
  5. DLamb

    DLamb Member

    She just looked up the ghost...she likes it too. The 20’
  6. M & R Davis

    M & R Davis Member

    Another option if want it now is the Mizuno Power Carbon. It has been compared as hot as the Ghost by many people testing them head to head. Obviously doesn’t have the “name” of the ghost. If you google it though you will find some good info. Also they are running much closer to the sticker weight. Good luck with the decision.
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  7. DLamb

    DLamb Member

    She has been researching and called me to tell me she came across the power carbon. Decisions decisions.

    SOFTBALLS14 Active Member

    In talking with some players at the d-1 level they where testing out the Ghost and using the Louisville TPX and Xeno ....They said that the Ghost sweet spot is smaller, compared to the Xeno and the LXT. So if you dont square it up you really loose the distance and its noticeable..
    They are saying with Louisville so far...Just an fyi .....
  9. Long Baller

    Long Baller Active Member

    ^^^Because of this, I have spent the last day and a half researching the Power Carbon as my DD's next replacement. Thanks a lot...:p haha.
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  10. Crazy Softball Mom

    Crazy Softball Mom New Member

    My kiddo has a 2018 Ghost (blue) and a 2020 Power Carbon to use in USSSA tournaments (she just turned 11) and they are both hot! I think she likes the PC more than the Ghost though!
    We got the Power Carbon through a rep and got a great price! I found the Ghost on sale - the 2018 is running about $200 right now since the 2020's are coming out!
  11. M & R Davis

    M & R Davis Member

    That is what I have been hearing from many people. I’ve been resisting but probably going to add a PC just to try ourselves.
  12. DLamb

    DLamb Member

    We made the decision...Ordered the X20 RXT. She came in one day and really liked it...I will post review soon. Got an excellent deal on it too. Sticker was 379.00 got it shipped for 261.43. OTD.
  13. DLamb

    DLamb Member

    The RXT came in today. DD is going to get T out and start the process. I’ll post a video later / soon and give a review if we get games in tomorrow, if not, after the weekend.

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  14. Long Baller

    Long Baller Active Member

    Sweet. Waiting to see the review :cool:
  15. DLamb

    DLamb Member

    Boy, time flies.
    So far, the RXT is one of the bats she uses. She switches between the RXT, LXT and a 18’ Ghost. She has pop with either bat. We recently bought a blast sensor and can see a few differences between the stable, and minor they are. Sorry it’s taken a year.

    ALISA WEAVER New Member

    How tall and how long have you been doing? Bits come in different weights, after all. Although they are all balanced (if a normal manufacturer). Here, as for me, you need to try how they fit in your hand and choose a comfortable option.

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