Ohio Stingrays National championships

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  1. ohiostingrays

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    The Ohio Stingrays 07 team McDanial win the USFA nationals in Panama City Fla.
    The team went 9-0 on the week.

    The Ohio Stingrays 05 team Back won
    the PGF Eastern nationals in Nashville Tn.

    Congratulations to both the teams and coaches for representing Ohio and bringing home championships!!
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  2. Doom Leader

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    Congrats to both teams!!
  3. Captain_Thunder

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    Do you have this backwards?
    Chris 07 team was in PGF in Tennessee

    Congratulations to both!
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  4. TheSoftballZone

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    Great Job lady Stingrays
  5. DanMaz

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    O - H
  6. First2Third

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    It looks like a moderator changed on him, doesn't it? It says "Last edited by a moderator: Yesterday at 8:17 PM"
  7. Captain_Thunder

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    But whatever that Mod did, they did wrong....
    Chris Back's team that won in Tenn is 07 team...
    The 05 team was in the USFA event...
  8. lewam3

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    Way to represent Stingrays. Winning a tournament is really really difficult no matter what the venue, but nationals...awesome.
  9. Denver Roach

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