ASA Tournament Ohio USA/ASA 18u State Tournament Canton - June 21-23, 2019

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    UPDATED November 30, 2018

    The Ohio Wolfpack Organization in conjunction with Ohio USA/ASA will be hosting the
    Ohio USA/ASA 18-under State Tournament in 2019.

    June 21-23, 2019

    Willig Fields ( 4 lighted playing fields )
    2300 30th St. NE
    Canton, OH 44705

    Possible 2nd site @
    Weis Park
    2600 Harvard Ave., NW
    Canton, OH 44709

    $550 Entry Fee

    – be prepared to start play @ 8:00 am Friday


    The tournament will be a (4) game minimum. 2 Pool Play Games with Seeding into Double-Elimination Bracket Play. All games will be 1 hour & 20 minutes time limit, finish the inning + one more inning. If still tied, game will continue using International Tie Breaker until winner is decided.

    All Bracket play games will be played following the same format, except for the semi-finals and the championship game, which will be 7 innings…. No time limit.


    This tournament sanctioned and officiated by USA/ASA. All games will have (2) umpires.

    **DUE DATE**

    All entries must be postmarked by Monday May 26, 2019. (Check for updates as
    due date gets closer, as this date may change).

    If you know your team is attending, send entry and check at your earliest convenience in order to allow us to generate a schedule at the earliest possible time. This will allow us to notify teams of their playing status and make necessary travel arrangements.

    Entry Packet is NOW available soon by request: by emailing Chuck Ferrell at
    or by download at:
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    UPDATED INFORMATION.... please see original post above
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    Teams registered for the 18u USA State Tournament as of June 1, 2019
    are shown below:

    1) Ohio Wolfpack Mertes - Paid
    2) Ohio Wolfpack Dudek - Paid
    3) Buckeye Heat McCleary - Paid
    4) Ohio Emeralds '00 Byers - Paid
    5) Ohio Swat '00 Cooper - Paid
    6) Explosive Fastpitch Black Haight - Paid
    7) OFC Heat Orange Urton - PAID
    8) OFC Heat Black Loveless - PAID
    9) Ohio Starz Hoover - Paid
    10) Team Ohio Scarlet Bray - PAID
    11) Ohio Bandits Zifer - PAID
    12) Ohio Hawks Wagner - Paid
    13) Diamond Chix Premiere Buttolph - PAID
    14) Diamond Elite '01 Williams - PAID
    15) Ohio Ice Gold - PAID
    16) Diamond Elite Ingram - PAID
    17) Stingrays '01 Mattix - PAID
    18) Ohio Night-Mares Osborne - PAID
    19) Cincy Magic Shank - PAID
    20) Lady Lasers Blue Gunter - PAID
    21) Buckeye Heat '01 Gill - PAID
    22) Ohio Lasers Silver '01 Waddell - UNPAID
    23) Ohio Thunder Hamrick - PAID
    24) Team Ohio Black Klein - Paid
    25) Ohio Hawks Gold Lenos - PAID
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    Schedules being released soon?
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    Tournament now closed. Tournament has been scheduled, subject to
    a "double-check". Once confirmed.... The schedules will be sent out to
    all of the teams and also will be available on TOURNAMENT USA.
    Chuck Ferrell
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    Tournament schedules (Pool Play & Double-Elimination Bracket)
    are now live on Tournament USA. Pool play schedules were sent to
    team coaches on Monday, June 10th.

    Chuck Ferrell
    (330) 283-4869

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