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  1. Ohio USSSA State Programs:

    Fall Program:

    Ohio USSSA offers a 6-8 week Fall Season. The fall season starts on August 1 and will conclude November 15. Teams playing events in the Fall Program need to register for the upcoming season and also need to play in their age group they will play the next season in. Example: A team that is 14u and moving up to 16u the following season. Even though they register effective August 1, they use birth dates as of Dec 31 that year end to register for their team's age group.

    Multi-Team Discount Program:
    Select Ohio USSSA events offer a discount if multiple teams from the same organization enter the event. Please check with the hosting director or youth organization to see if a discount is offered. Ohio USSSA is offering this discount for any of our regular qualifiers.

    Double or Triple Play Programs:

    Select events in specific areas of the state occasionally will be packaged up as a Double Play or Triple Play series. When this occurs teams are given a reduction in entry fees for entering either both events in the Double Play series of all three events in the Triple Play Series.

    **NEW FOR 2017** Western Ohio (WOH) Triple Play Series. The May 13-14, 2017 event in Greenville, the May 20-21,2017 event in Troy, & the July 8-9,2017 event in Troy are part of the new WOH Triple Play Series. Teams can enter 2 of these events for $700 total and save $100. Or teams can enter all 3 events for $1000 and save $200. Contact Mike Craig with the Ohio USSSA state office for more details: mike.craig2@usssa.com

    "Odd Year" Team Program:

    USSSA is one of the only governing bodies to offer age groups for what are considered true first year teams or "Odd-Year" teams. USSSA offers 9u, 11u, 13u, & 15u classifications. These are teams that are true first year teams in traditional age groups of 10u, 12u, 14u. & 16u. Some states may offer Class A, B, and C for these teams. Ohio USSSA is going to run these events as open until the program demands separating by class. These teams must be "true" odd year teams in that all players have to be the same birth year or younger. Example a 13u team would have to have all girls born in 2003 or younger. "Odd Year" teams can play regular age groups or even play up in class. "Odd Year" teams are also be eligible to participate in "Odd-Year" States if offered or National Championships/World Series along with traditional age groups states and National Championships. True "odd year" teams garner more points in the USSSA system when playing up an age group like a 13u teams playing in a 15u bracket.

    Class C Program:
    Ohio USSSA will offer a class C program starting in 2016. Class C teams are defined as teams that are a step up from Rec/All-Star but not quite the skill level of Class B teams. The first season will offer a limited schedule but in 2017 there will be a semi-weekly schedule (see below) including a state tournament for class C teams only. Class C events are for development of player skills and confidence to eventually move to Class B caliber tournaments to compete in.

    Class C Grand-Slam Series Program: (**NEW FOR 2017**)
    Ohio USSSA will offer a Class C Grand-Slam program starting in 2017. The Grand-Slam series will offer a semi-weekly schedule starting Mother's Day weekend including a state tournament for class C teams only. These tournaments will be called Legs. The first 2 Leg events are 6 g/g with no playoffs. These are to encourage skill development and confidence of playing in a travel softball environment. The third leg of the series will be based on the traditional travel tournament format of 3 pool games-seeding into Sunday single-elimination. This is to expose teams to traditional travel team tournament structure. The 4th Leg will be the Class C State Tournament which will consist of 2 pool seeding into double-elimination bracket play. This is to expose teams to big time postseason tournament play.

    National Invitational Tournament (NIT) Program:
    These are events where the top 3 teams pick up direct berths to the USSSA National Championship/World Series of their choosing. NIT's also offer triple points. These events will be strategically placed so not to dilute the market. Ohio USSSA will award rings to the champion and runner-up in these prestigious events.

    State Tournament (ST) Program:
    USSSA offers tournaments designated as State Tournaments. These are eligible to teams that are sanctioned in that state. Bordering states may be eligible if the state the team is registered in does not offer a state championship or the teams state director approves. Typically states that border Ohio will be the only states eligible to compete under the border rule. State championships may be split into geographic areas (N, S, E, W) and may also be offered to qualify for a Super State. USSSA also encourages programs to host Fall State tournaments.

    At-Large National Championship Qualifying Program:
    Ohio USSSA is offering an at-large program to teams to help them qualify to move on to postseason events. Note that Fall/Indoor/Winter events do count as an event played. Teams can schedule their season and start planning in the winter months for a World Series event by playing in the following events:
    1. 8u/9u/10u/11u/12u/13u/14u-B teams that play in 2 events and a State tournament can take an at-large berth to the NC/WS of their choice. 8u may not have a state tournament. They can advance by playing twice in qualifiers.
    2. 14u-A/15u/16u teams that play in 2 events can take an at-large berth to the NC/WS of their choice. Participation in a state tournament does meet the requirement of one of the events played.
    3. 18u/Womens(typically 23u) teams that play in 1 event and/or a State tournament can take an at-large berth to the NC/WS of their choice.

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