Ohio USSSA - Team Classification Structure and Guidelines

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  1. Ohio USSSA's Team Classification structure and guidelines:

    Team Classification Structure:
    I wanted to post this with some of the guidelines that USSSA will be using to classify teams. This is not "set in stone" nor the end all of team classifications. These are general guidelines to help classify teams in the proper level. USSSA believes that all teams have a place and a skill level to play and classifications will help those teams find that place.

    Elite/A - Top teams and programs in their state and surrounding areas. Most Elite/Class A teams have excellent pitching depth (multiple pitchers) and several multi-positional players. Elite/Class A teams tend to also have good hitting depth and can play small ball on command if needed. Most would think showcase teams,but not all Elite/Class A teams are hunting showcase events. These are typically your stronger organizations that are what would be considered "Select" teams. These teams tend to play a difficult or more challenging schedule with the goal to qualify for a top National/World Series event for season end.

    B - Class B teams are typically stronger community based teams but several are now recruiting outside their respective communities. Most Class B teams don't have the pitching or positional depth their Elite/Class A counterparts have but still function very well on offense and defense. The majority of Class B teams are 2-3 pitchers deep and can compete with
    Elite/Class A teams when there pitchers are playing well. Class B teams do hunt showcase events especially the more advanced community based teams with high school age players. These teams usually mix in a schedule of challenging events along with events where they are matched up against teams of their same stature and skill level.

    C - Class C teams are what Class B teams used to be just 4-5 years ago: Mostly community based travel teams or teams just stepping up from the Rec/All-Star level. Usually Class C teams have 1-2 pitchers max and may be needing depth all around on defense and offense. Withe the proliferation of travel teams the last 5 years, Class C teams usually play a Class A/B schedule just to find events to play in. Class C teams also may only play just a few events per season but are typically better practiced than their Rec/All-Star counterparts.

    Rec/All-Star - These are typically teams that form out of rec leagues and are mostly inexperienced players and teams. Rec/All-Star teams may have 2-3 girls who have minimal travel team experience but are mostly lacking the practice and experience that true travel teams have. Most All-Star teams don't form as early as travel teams with some not forming until late June/early July. Rec/All-Star teams tend to focus on league play and then a couple of events late in the season. Rec/All-Star teams tend to not have the early August tryouts as most of the teams disband once their season is over. However their have been several talented teams come from the Rec/ All-Star ranks the last few years.

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