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Discussion in 'Softball Parent Discussions' started by JSortman11, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. JSortman11

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    I have a question for you parents out there. A coach offers your child a spot, with contract. You tell the coach we were offered from another organization, and to give you a chance to go over the contracts. In your opinion, how long do you think the coach should wait before giving a follow up call?
  2. 22dad

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    The expectation should have been communicated with the offer. 2 days. But that's based on your next in line's vulnerability.
  3. JSortman11

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    The expectation was expressed by later that night or first thing in the morning.
  4. 22dad

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    It must be a tough position to be in. Kinda like dating. I guess if I was told next day, I would have made or expect the call.
  5. BuckeyeMomma

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    Depends on the child's age. Older girls should be able to sort through all entailed in making these kinds of decision, but it may take a few days. Nobody wants to feel pressured into offers like a used car salesman does. Parents and players both need to be comfortable with the decision and have ample time to research the teams, tournaments and expenses. Many factors play into time. A few days to Max a week seems reasonable.
  6. Stedman00

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    take as long as you want. BUT realize that coach probably has other offers pending and waiting too long can mean there's no chair when the music stops.
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    Some Parents think Tryout season is a game in itself.. Its not a game. My advise would be have a game plan of 2-3 teams your daughter wants to tryout for, go to those and she needs to make a decision in a reasonable manner. Its the same thing I call every athlete back within 24hrs of tryout to tell them yes, no, or come back. Parents want to hear the coaches decision right away but then when the team is not their first choice the coach is labeled pushy or whatnot. IMO the athlete 14u & up is old enough to make the decision on which team she wants to play on.
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    I agree with the comment by 22dad when he says it should have been communicated at the time of the offer and the ensuing conversation assuming there was one. When in doubt, call them and ask what your time line is and express you are still considering. At least you'll know for sure.

    Me; it's first come, first serve. I'm not going to put solidifying my roster on hold. If I tell you I'll give you 2 days you'll get 2 days but not a minute more----------unless you call me and we decide on more time. I might extend the deadline a little longer or I may tell you this probably isn't going to work out.

    You can hold out for another club that told you they are considering you or you can choose to lock your spot down with me. In many cases, your holding out is a yellow flag turning red in a hurry, whether your family will be a good fit for the upcoming season. You had to be more serious about joining our club to have come to the tryouts. If you're there because trying out is a weekend hobby why would any coach wait to fill their roster. If you're waiting to see if another team will take you, you are a risk to me you'll jump ship before completing the commitment. Many parents believe the contracts are "one-sided" in content. They are for this very reason in regards to any fees being returned. Deposits are always nonrefundable.
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  9. kc0602

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    Agree with Pass4thGame. But it is as two way street. As parent who is 4 years in with a DD who desires college ball, the struggle is real and a serious one. If you are not confident with being able to say yes this is the fit for us then maybe "things happen for a reason".

    We have been on opposite side, told by one coach that sold both my DD and spouse as we were upfront that we scheduled several tryouts. He said, "call me right away if you get offers, you're on my short list" even as far as continuing communication and checking in with us to see if still interested for over 2 weeks. To which we communicated back every time, yes. Then all of a sudden...crickets. Another coach also saying we were on short list, to find out a few days later the position offered that she tried out for, girl who originally held it, decided to come back. Told our DD is great, if continues the path she is on will do great things and they are sorry it did not work out. Which is great and I understand that. What I don't understand is then 2 weeks later team post where that same position was offered to an new girl after all. Both teams our DD had heart set on. Both coaches built her up face to face, made her feel she was good enough, talented enough and worthy enough for their team to which she desired to compete.

    It's all life lessons and building of character in my opinion. If you don't feel you can say yes now without the worry of "what if there's another offer better" then it's not meant to be. I know it's a bit rare, but honesty is best even it stings from both coaches and parents. Just like the coaches that clearly felt the same of "what if there's that one person better or closer". It's truly a two way street and one not to take lightly if your kid is serious about the game. Just my opinion. Good luck and be confident no mater what you decide.
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