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  1. Xrayaries

    Xrayaries Active Member

    We are looking for a pitching coach that is available in the evenings. My DD is playing 14u but not pitching often for her travel team. She has an opportunity to pitch in HS and would like to work with someone on velocity and a curve ball. Please PM me if interested. We are not opposed to a good HS senior working with her.
  2. Packrat

    Packrat New Member

    Where are you located
  3. Xrayaries

    Xrayaries Active Member

    In Richfield Ohio.
  4. RandIdad

    RandIdad New Member

    AB Pitching Academy in Ellet, OH is amazing. Allana Overholt is the owner and has early to late weekday and weekend hrs with private or small group lessons.
  5. travelball

    travelball New Member

    Most here will tell you Leffew Fastpitch in North Ridgeville, right off the Turnpike Exit 152. My DD has been going there for a couple years now. Great instructors for all levels from beginner to college athlete.
  6. Chardon Storm

    Chardon Storm Member

    Brittany Mullen 330-620-6513

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