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    Ron Marstiller is great if you can keep him off the phone ! ! !
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    LOL! Pouncer... I was wondering if anyone else had that problem! Had that same problem several years back. Yes, we did discuss it with him, and chose to move on to college instructors. Don't regret that decision at all! He knows his stuff and is a nice guy and all, but he had different priorities than us.
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    My DD has been going to Ron for about 6 years now and loves him,She has improved each year with a new pitch to compliment the ones he has already taught her. He gets along with her great and I give 90% of her success to him,the other 10% goes to me who has to catch her ;).Also; Ron and staff have a great connection to the outside world in college coaches which helps tremendously. Choose the Instructor that best fits your daughter and the one she is most comfortable with.
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    Coach_R, We spent over 3 years with Ron and felt the same way. But we now feel as if we were wrong and mis guiding our dd during that time..... It is not quanity - it is quality. Jim works on the true absolutes of pitching mechanics that are very similar to that we had gotten from a few of Bill Hillhouse's clinics we attended... Not only does he work on the TRUE proper mechanics but his philosophy seem to be very valid as well... He says - if you are going to get beat get beat at your best... If you are trying to throw 5 or 6 differant pitches than not only are you taking valuable practice time away from your best pitches but you are decreasing your chances for success in game situatinos.... He stresses Quality not quanity and we have noticeed a huge differance in out dd's control and movement....

    If you dd has had great success with Ron you should try to get in to see Jim. You will be amazed at the differance he will make... Jim is pretty booked up but If she likes Ron at least try a lesson with jim... You will both agree and love him.......
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    FPK, Thanks and might just try it, DD Is a junior this year and to brag a bit (For Ron and Team)made All State last year but a few MPH would certainly help,Her movement is pretty good but sometimes a different view from others helps too.We have never had a "phone call" or anything else distract our 1/2 hr lesson, High school coach is considering a former OSU instructor to come in through the winter and give different views too.Always open to new views but will still go to Ron M. through the winter.
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    We have been going to Jimmy for 3 weeks now and things are great.... I can not imagine being anymore saticified... Not only does he know his art very well but he is down to earth and very patient with any questions we may have no matter how stupid they maybe.... He relates well with people and acts in a very professional manner and treats them with nothing but respect....

    If his phone rings during lessons he does not even flinch... In fact I asked him one time if he needed to answer and he said and I quote " not right now I have voicemail, they can leave a message and when I get a change I will return the call." In watching him work with my dd I felt that he listens and pays close attention. But when he made that comment it made me feel that he truly did fell the only thing that mattered at the time was my dd....

    We have him for a 1/2 hour a week and when we go we know we will have his undivided attention for that amount of time....

    After reading some of your experiences with cell phones I am even more happy we chose jimmy...
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    I see on Huddle that Kate Leary is now at Big League Baseball. Her record at Kent State speaks for itself. Her dad knows a few things about the game too... ;)
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    To fastpitchkeeper:

    I don?t know as to what I have done to you or your daughter to earn the disrespect that you are giving me on this thread. I have had nothing but the utmost respect for the both of you (for I know who you are). I have always had respect for all my students and their parents. With that out of the way let?s talk about her getting faster since you have left. Every student will eventually get faster at some point with some getting faster than others at all different times as they are learning, it might have been her time at that point.

    Even if she did not get any instruction at all she would have gained speed just by growing and getting stronger as time goes by. It is not because of someone else?s teachings. If you think different than you or her did not listen to what I have said in the lessons. I have always stressed leg drive, hips, arm speed, wrist snap, staying open longer, follow thru, etc. And the top instructors also teach the same thing. I have done this for a very long time and know what it takes to get better and more than anything else it takes a lot of hard work in which I also stated to the both of you. I know how hard I had to work to become a pitcher so therefore I always stress the same to all.

    Lets talk about your statement about how her back and shoulder discomfort disappeared since the change. The first thing that I look at in a student is if what they are doing will it hurt them? I am not stupid, I have worked with over 2600 students and not one of them ever got injured because of my teachings and for you to make that comment was entirely wrong.

    Her discomfort could have been caused by a number of other things including throwing a different way in practice or game then she was throwing in front of me. Any time a student feels any kind of discomfort they always let me know about it so that we can find out as to what caused it and in all cases it was done before they came and was caused by something else.

    I wish you and her nothing but the best no matter who you go to for I am all about fast pitch no matter what and I will always stand behind her because of that.

    Ron Marstiller
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    From Ron Marstiller

    To Pouncer 1:

    Let me talk to you about the cell phone. I not only teach pitching but I also had a job that required me to have a phone paid for by them and was on call 24 hours a day no matter where I was or what I was doing I had to answer it. As far as personal calls I never answered them while I was teaching unless it was an emergency from a family member in which they were advised ahead of time. One time I did not and my son was taken to the hospital while I was teaching. That will never happen again.

    I also answer it if its from a college coach asking about a student and could not reach me during the day because I worked third shift and got home at 8 AM and went to bed and got up to go to Grand Slam at around 3 PM every day. Most of the time I will ask the parents if its ok to answer it and in some cases have not but have always made up the time by keeping them longer or making it up to them at another time. I?m sorry that you let that discourage you from coming back because that could have been easily solved by talking to me about it.

    Ron Marstiller
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    From Ron Marstiller

    To Sammy:

    Your comment was about me having different priorities than (you, us) could not be further from the truth.
    I have played fast pitch for over forty years and have taught it for over twenty. Let?s talk just about the last twenty. No pitching instructor and I mean none has made the sacrifices to teach pitching to you or your daughter and others as I have. While teaching you or yours, my kids were playing sports at the same time and were without their dad because he was with you instead. Many times comments were made by them for me not being there.

    Friday night football games, Saturday and Sundays went by the wayside because of spending time in fast pitch with you and others and vacations that my family could not take or was spent without me because of fast pitch, you and others. And the meal times that I had to take at 11 PM one hour before I had to go to work third shift.

    Lets also talk about the money that you think makes up for all that, I know that?s your thinking, I would be. Some of my students that have not even finished high school and only know how to throw 2 pitches make more than me by working with and teaching other kids I have never been paid over $10.00 for any lesson that I have done at GS. So now you know it?s not about the money.

    I know for a fact that you and others would not have done it at all if you had to make the sacrifices that I had to make to help you or others get better. I look back and say would I have done it all again the same way probably not I would have spent more time with my family instead of with you knowing how you feel now.

    When I started teaching years ago their were few schools in and around the Columbus area that had even a chance of winning or playing in a Regional or State Tournaments I have helped change all that. Almost every school in all divisions had students that I have worked with and I am very proud of that. I have had great success with students from all over the state as well as out of state because of my teachings and their very hard work.

    I have made other sacrifices that I won?t go into at this point. My priority is fast pitch and in my teachings to all my students to help make them all better. I will always continue to make them all my top priority. Over 2600 of them will disagree with your comment and I do to, it was uncalled for.

    Why don?t you three put your real names to your post so that I and the others on here will know who you are?

    Ron Marstiller
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    WHY? I am not involved with either parties. Just would like to know why.
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    I can't count the number of times that Ron has given my DD extra time, and I'm not talking five minutes. I also distinctly remember Ron telling us several times that if she didn't fix something in her mechanics, she was at real risk for injury. DD loves Ron and has been with him for seven years.


    On a lighter note, Anneke and a first year catcher from Oregon have joined the Kenyon Ballroom Dance competition team! So now in addition to cleats, these girls are buying special dance shoes. They go to Purdue next weekend and Ohio State two weekends after that. What a hoot. (She's also on the Ultimate Frisbee traveling club team and of course has had fall softball practice. . . and I think she has some regular classes stuck in there somewhere).
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    One of the reasons for a forum such as this is to create discussion and communication. For lack of a better comparison, I liken this particular post to a product comparison in Consumer Reports magazine. To give erroneous facts or make slanderous comments about anybody on this forum is, and should be, out of bounds. I think the moderators do an excellent job monitoring that.

    I stated that you had different priorities than us. I see nothing slanderous about that - we all have different priorities. As a matter of fact, we had several discussions with you AND the staff. I am not an unreasonable person, but after three "no-shows", we took our business elsewhere. We were told why the first two times (personal reasons I will not discuss on here). We never once got a phone call telling us you would not be there, and asking us to reschedule. We showed up at our scheduled time - and got an "oh well".

    This was over five years ago, so I'm sure your schedule is different now. I have never doubted your expertise as an instructor, or your talent as a pitcher. The only problems we had were attention during a lesson (phone calls, which was NOT explained why at the time - but personal business is none of my business) and what I would call "customer service" issues - not calling us when cancelling, causing us unneeded travel. The REASON for your absence was NOT the issue, it was just that no one bothered to call us.

    We too have made countless monetary and time sacrifices for our kids. I worked nights for several years also, so that's nothing new to me. There was absolutely nothing personal in our decision - it was a business transaction, and we felt short-changed.

    From your response above, I can tell you are very dedicated to fastpitch softball. You obviosly take great pride in your students, many of which have excelled at the college level. I'll go out on a limb and suggest that ours was an isolated incident, and let bygones be bygones.
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    I just sent you a PM.

    Ron Marstiller
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    Please tell Anneke that I said hello, and wishing you and yours nothing but the best.

    Yours In Fast Pitch
    Ron Marstiller
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    Ron, I'll tell Ted. :cool:

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    As in all aspects of our lives I feel there is an importance to treat each other with respect and kindness even during the presence of competition... Because the bottom line is we are all in this together. I mean ALL... We all need each other to help the game survive.... From needing other players for our daughters to be both in competition and team mates with to having multiple instructors so that more students can learn about the game so they can grow as better players. This can be done with class and dignity without hurting anyone's feelings...

    With that said I would like to address this whole situation that has quite obviously and understandably resulted in some hurt feelings....First let me say that Ron and I talk at least on a weekly basis for a few different reasons...

    In Girls Fastpitch we talk and try to help each other help our students. We treat each other with professional courtesy, are willing to co-exist, and both agree that we (Ron and I) are not in competition with one another but are giving instruction for the same cause... That cause is improving the quality of softball life for the daughters in softball ... Although our methodology and philosophies may differ there is no doubt we are both trying to help mold, guide, teach and promote our students to the best of our abilities.

    In Men's Fastpitch we are Brothers and work directly together in various ways to promote and keep the men's side of the game alive... I will say that Ron is a true ambassador of the game on both the Men's and Girl's side of the house

    But most importantly we are friends in life. Although our paths crossed because of Fastpitch we have established and maintain a healthy friendship. In this relationship we treat each other with kindness and respect.... In my personal life when something happens that emotionally or physically hurt my family or friends in any way it disturbs me... At first glance after reading some of his responses it appears that some of the post did just that... What started as a post asking for help and guidance somewhere along the line made a turn in a different direction. It went from asking for a simple recommendation to somewhat of a debate with postings of negative comments in an attempt to validate and or justify personal opinions.

    I honestly feel that we can all help the cause by being great players and better role models. I would also like to add that if I am put into a situation that I am required to make a choice between giving lessons and maintaining a friendship I will without doubt choose the friendship....Therefore I asked those of you that make post to PLEASE help promote the game by posting positive information and refrain from making post that can result in personal attacks...

    Thank you for taking the time to read this posting,

    Jimmy Yates
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    :) Jim,

    I could not have said it better. We in fast pitch always try to make ourselves and our students and everyone involved better and with the least amount of problems. As ambassadors in the art of fast pitch we will always have the utmost respect not only for each other but for all of our students as well as the parents.

    I have in the past had other students go to other instructors and that really never bothered me because I still stand behind them 100% and always go out of my way to talk to them at their tournaments or school games to see how their doing and do nothing but encourage them and give them hugs and thank them for playing one of the finest games on earth.

    Thanks for all the kind words from one of my great friends and wishing you and yours nothing but the best in and out of the softball world.

    Yours in Fast Pitch,
    Ron Marstiller
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    Well said Jimmy. All the adults that spend time trying to make other dd's better should be appreciated.
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    The most knowledgeable, caring professional in the world will only have a marginal influence on your DD unless there is some type of connection. It may be that of a teacher student, or it may be something else. Whenever my DD's failed to connect with a teacher they made very little progress. Find an instructor that connects.

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