Pitching Instructors within 45 minutes of Mentor, OH

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  1. IRdad09

    IRdad09 New Member

    Hi all. A little help here. We are looking for a new pitching instructor up our way. I am willing to do a little driving for the right fit. I've been going local and I think it is time to move onto something much more consistent. We haven't had a lesson in over a month due to the instructor's schedule and I completely understand. I'm looking for something I can set up and know what the schedule will look like moving forward. Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  2. MentorBigRed

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    Not sure where you were going but there is D-bat in Solon and Elite Sports in Mentor. If you want a little more time in the car, Leffew in North Ridgeville.

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