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Discussion in 'Tournament archives' started by Stingray_Coach, Dec 4, 2004.

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    I had been looking for information on the 2005 Pony World Series, with limited luck. Would anyone have a website for that event? If not would anyone have the date, location, and contact information? Thank you very much.
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    Stingrays Coach, the latest info I have is just the dates. pony.org is their website. The posting cocerning the dates is: www.pony.org/home/news_detail.asp?newsid=137

    Age Groups are:
    Mustang (10 and under), Bronco (12 and under), Pony (14 and under), Colt (16 and under), Palomino (18 and under)
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    I saw that, thank you very much. ?Unfortunately like you said, on that site there is no location announced yet. ?I appreciate the help and will continue checking back there.
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    PONY is finalizing the locations this weekend and should be announcing them on Monday. The dates are published.

    The 10u, 12u & 14u will be begin Sunday, July 17 and play through the 23rd.

    The 16u and 18u will begin on the 24th and play through the 30th.

    One of the holdups is hotels in the Washington DC area. There is a Boyscout jamboree immediately following Nationals and there has been concern over availability if rain plays a part.

    There are lots of rumors flying as to locations. I should have the answers tonight or tomorrow and will post them here as soon as I get them.
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    David thank you very much, I was just trying to weigh some options when it comes to world series locations, and was interested in seeing where PONY would be. Thanks for your help.

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