Representing your Org and yourself and your team as a winner or loser

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  1. okiedad1961

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    Heard some stories from this last weekend about teams actions during games.I guess during a game that wasn't close the winning team was taunting the losing team ,hitting batters intentionally and then coach's went to the bench to let players coach .Unfortunately this was one of the better known orgs in our state and a very talented team .I'm all for swag on the confidence side during game ,but what recreuiting coach wants to see that out of a team.
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  2. SonicMojo

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    I had been contemplating a post along the lines of "Would you let your daughter play for the Cobra Kai of travel softball teams?" I didn't see what you reference in your original post, but I did see, while waiting for our game to start, a disgusting display this weekend from a team that is supposedly part of the top 3 or so organizations in the state. At what point is staying with such a team guilt by association? Is the exposure gained worth tarnishing your name and reputation? I wouldn't think so, but I guess winning does cure a lot of ills--at least for some.
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  3. mamoneyoh

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    Were you watching 14U? My daughter was the recipient of a Cobra Kai shoulder punch at home. The player ran out of the baseline just to hit my daughter to try to cause her to drop the ball. It was the 2nd dirty play of the game by the team that won the tournament. The girl was ejected for the play at home but the coach's daughter was excused for her shoulder punch to the first baseman because she didn't knock anyone on their butt. Not to mention the unsportsmanlike conduct while batting. What made it worse was the umpire was laughing the whole time and said it was part of the game. I'm glad my daughter has no desire to play for them.
  4. bleacherbum

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    I would like to know what tournament had Umpires that were allowing players to be hit intentionally? If this is true, there should be some umpires who need discipline, as well as coaches who need removed for good! That is a pretty serious accusation.
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  5. Packrat

    Packrat New Member

    What age group was this team?
  6. lewam3

    lewam3 Active Member

    Okie!!!! Seriously?? you have been an awesome contributor for years and you post this?? With no mention of which team this was????? C'mon. You are better than this...:D:D:D:D:D:D TBH in the 8 years I have been on this site, not once has "the org" been identified, even after Hitter 23's
    famous reply lol.
  7. Stedman00

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    No idea as to exact specifics from anything above, but if it is related to coaches of 14u going crazy and the F-Bombs I could hear from deep down the left field line, at field #1, at River City West on Saturday afternoon, watching a 14u game, then i can certainly see a black eye on some organization.

    Wasn't close enough to see the play and honestly not really paying attention (trying to cool off in the shade), until I heard the loud yelling and multiple F-Bombs. Mind you I was at least 200-250 from the argument and it was audible to all.

    Not the best moment for any involved.
  8. mamoneyoh

    mamoneyoh Member

    It was definitely not the best moment. If it was a black eye on one organization then what would it be on the other?

    The situation at home was definitely the straw that broke the camels back. The shoulder at first and then the constant cursing while batting by the other team was just the warm ups (Yes, the f bomb was used by the players). The umpire laughing at the comments by the girls didn't help. For a player to come out of the baseline to try to level a player was just dirty. She made no attempt to slide or to avoid tag. She dropped a shoulder and ran full force. The reason the coach was upset was because the umpire was saying it wasn't intentional, the other umpire corrected him. Luckily, no one got hurt because it could have been much worse.
  9. snoman76

    snoman76 Member

    isnt it an immediate ejection for dropping the F bomb?
  10. M & R Davis

    M & R Davis Member

    I’ve not heard that but I would have no issue with it. I have been known to get a little heated,or more, but the day I drop F bombs that can be heard 10’ away let alone 200’ feet is the day I hope someone walks up to me and kicks my a$$ because at that point I fully deserve it. For god’s sake this is a game and these are 13-14 year old young ladies. Get a grip on yourself.

    I too wish if coaches are intact acting this way that you would call them out as their org needs to know how they are representing them.
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  11. 0203bbmom

    0203bbmom Member

    I seen and heard some pretty bad behavior and comments come from coaches this past weekend. One would think at the 16U level, it would be past that by now. A coach was yelling at each of his players, nothing positive... for example, batter laid down the perfect bunt, did her job, moved the runner, but she was thrown out at 1st. Coach lost his mind..."you have to run faster than that", etc. ?????? She did her job. This was the entire tone of the game with this coach yelling from 3rd base. Why would anyone chose to play for this coach? It only got worse from there with this coach choosing to call the opposing team's coach a **** (male part). This was said out loud while both teams where going through the line shaking hands at home plate after the game. It's a shame when adults make it miserable for the players.
  12. okiedad1961

    okiedad1961 Active Member

    Quite a contrast to a play at the plate we had in a game where a girl slidding into home to beat a force and was called for interference when her foot made contact w catchers foot and dead ball called before throw was even made and runner completed run to base.
    This thread is more about exposing the inappropriate actions of players and coach's.Umpires should certainly should take control when players talk to each other the way explained in previous post
  13. Elspizo

    Elspizo New Member

    It’s everywhere with this crap. Not sure about travel, but in rec F-bombs are still an automatic, but apparently “bulls***” is ok now... (not in my dugout)

    98% of coaches my daughter plays against and I coach against are decent solid people trying to teach the right things.

    But that 2%.. oh boy are they there.

    It subtle things like the difference between a 1st bass coach telling a runner that the other team’s catcher isn’t going to make the throw and a coach yelling across the field from the 3rd base dugout “just go to second on the pitch, their catcher sucks and has no arm” Lack of class.

    In rec we typically only have one ump at our level, we played a team and i watched their next game, who had a catcher who routinely would stand in the base line and shove girls towards the backstop if the ump was watching 1st or second for a play and a girl was running home behind him.

    I know the coach knew she did it because every time she did he’d argue the runner didn’t tag home and point to where their feet drug in the dirt after she pushed them. If my catcher did that, I’m not arguing the runner touching the plate, I’m telling my catcher if she does it again she doesn’t get to wear the gear on my team again.

    It makes you wonder if the coach is going along with it, or if he literally took time out of practice to teach her that.

    The girls though... and I’m certain it started as the girls idea but it’s become prevalent enough about 1/3 of our coaches won’t let them do it anymore... the girls who punch and kick girls after the game in the “run through we are proud of you” tunnel cheer thing.
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  14. Elspizo

    Elspizo New Member

    I don’t get the girls wanting to play for that coach, and I really don’t understand the parents going along with it.

    We have an 8u coach like that, except the swearing at the other coach part, had 6 of his girls age up to my 10u team this year. Spent half the year deprogramming them from thinking they were the worst person in the world every time they made a mistake.
  15. her mom

    her mom Member

    I second that! Also, I would want to know what organization just incase its a team someone is looking into trying out for, bc anyone with common sense and morals wouldn't want to be a part of that.
  16. Elspizo

    Elspizo New Member

    You’re 100% correct, I’d want to know. Any coach that tries and gets away with that in a tournament with hundreds of eyes watching, I really dont want him coaching my kid in practice with dozens or less eyes watching.
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  17. Stedman00

    Stedman00 Active Member

    I strongly suggest the catcher in example above learn to get out of the way at home if there is not play. I can guarantee you that when she gets to 16u, 18u and highschool (and maybe 14u), there are girls coming into home that will flat out level her and walk away.
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  18. Elspizo

    Elspizo New Member

    I can’t disagree. The problem with coaches doing such things at my level is 9-10 year old girls tend to do what the coach tells them to do, cause and effect isn’t as solidly learned at that point and sets them up for what you described at 16 when that split second decision reaches back to learned behavior.
  19. HITTER23

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    For Mike.
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  20. finfan365

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    So if you really wanted to narrow it down,

    14U Queen City Showdown, River City West, Saturday, Field #1.

    edit: Deleted images because neither team listed in either pool. Time to turn in the detective badge.
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