Representing your Org and yourself and your team as a winner or loser

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    i guarantee the teams involved were not in the J pools. J pool was 18u. and my DD is on J4.
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    Sweep the leg!
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    You have a problem with that?
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    We were not aware of the history between the teams since we are new to the team. But I do have to say it did add to the drama. The girls on both sides played well (especially the great catch by your outfielder) but I feel the game should have been controlled a little more by the ref. He did not want the 2nd umpire to assist. Not to mention allowing the girls to talk they way they did, was uncalled for. I'm sure there was talk both ways, I only heard what came from the batters and our coach. As for my DD, she was not in the baseline and was not 5' or 6' up the line. If she had been, then your girl would have knocked her 6' backwards because she landed about a foot behind the plate, near your dug out. Not to mention, she would have been called for obstruction. We were sitting next to the girls' parents and spoke civilly the entire game. In fact, the parents of the girl in question spoke with the umpire after the game to get a better understanding of the call and he told them that she made no attempt to slide, and did not try to avoid a tag. She was ejected because she ran out of the baseline and dropped a shoulder. My daughter is no stranger to contact at the plate but is skilled enough to know how to take a hit when necessary. Years of Kobra Kai training have done her
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    The catcher was 2over 2 foot inside the line when she caught the ball. The runner was 10 foot from home plate when she lowered her head and shoulder and launched her 4-6 feet. Malicious intent. Home umpire did nothing. Field umpire came in and ejected runner. This was the play right after the coaches daughter ran 2 foot into fair territory and threw a shoulder chuck at the first baseman that just caught her pop fly. It was obvious and the home umpire said she didn't make contact. We used to play with this girl/coach 2 years ago and 7 of the 11 girls went to other organizations instead of following this coach/daughter/team to Lasers Gold. She was kicked out of Sheer Madness at 12U when we won with the SunDogs and was warned for doing the same thing at 10U. We had a talented team, but I don't care if we won 3 national qualifiers and Stingrays at 12U, the environment was toxic.
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    The environment didn’t get toxic until the lying started at Nationals. And I guarantee you that we are not the first team to have things go south at Nationals. Believe me every player that we wanted from that team we kept. 3 ASA A National qualifiers, Stingrays win,top 10 Nationals finish, we should all be so lucky! Our girls play hard and with class. I guarantee that you can’t find another coach to back up your accusations of us being a dirty team. Man it must hurt to lose to your rival! I have lost to rivals before. It hurts, but you gotta deal with it. The play with the catcher collision was a hard softball play. Absolutely no malicious intent at all. The only F bombs came from the Team Ohio Gray coach!!! And the umpire addressed him for it!!
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    I still like to know who top 3 in the state are?
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    In a tight game vs a rival team emotions tend to run high. I have known said coach for a few years. He is a stand up guy that will fight for his players. Especially if he feels they have been wronged. I am sure he owned up to it and apologized. I was not there so I did not witness it. However, if this particular play actually happened as described and it was my kid behind the plate. I can almost guarantee that the coach would not have been the only one to flip his lid. We all make mistakes in the heat of the moment. They key is to learn from them and move on.
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    First and foremost I gave a rundown of repeated behavior. I did NOT lump your team in a whole as being dirty. I really like you as a person but just saying there are consequences to your players actions and how you are representing your team. In this case 6 girls left the team at the end off a successful season because they did not want to be associated with or embarrassed certain behavior. As far as malicious intent...that is what the call is when you collide with a catcher and do not attempt to stop or slide.
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    I’m completely fine with everything that happened that 12u year. Nothing but proud of that group and what they accomplished. At the end of the day we ended up in a good situation. Saturday’s game was very well played by both teams. The play at the plate was unfortunate and the ump made the right call. Luckily no one was injured. We try to do things the right way but 12/13/14 year old girls aren’t perfect. Coaches aren’t perfect but we are far from dirty. Players change teams every year for whatever reason. Bottom line: live , learn, move on. Life is too short to worry too much about it. Trust me, I know.
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    How Ironic is this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lots of young folks on this site, or so old they can't remember 6 years ago.
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    We're talking about kids sports, right? Rivalries in kids sports? Man, adults sure can ruin a good party.
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    All I can say is I am sure glad we went through the organization we did, as the things they taught the girls and yes the parents too, is that nobody is bigger than the organization's reputation and the respect I learned for the game and kids has lasted years after mine were done playing..... I sure miss the coaching, but think the Mrs would divorce me....
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    Any 14U organization, just ask them.
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    This sounds like 10u..

    Have not been on in a while. Glad to see things don’t change!

    Why can’t we all just get along?
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    I’ll give you the top five lasers,hawks,stingrays,team Ohio,Outlaws just look at the tournament results for the last couple weeks
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    Yes it is crazy. However, have you been to a High school football game lately? There are fierce rivalries. They too are just kids playing a kids game. Rivalries will always exist. They are great when it is done right. When people go overboard is where problems arise.
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    Well you're a Michigan fan to start with.:D
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