Runner hit by batted ball

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    Runner at 2nd base, ball lined up the middle just left of the bag. Runner (terrible jump off the base) gets hit in the head about 2 steps off 2nd. SS was easily about 10-15 feet from making the play. Runner called out for interference which by rule is the right call since it technically didn't pass a fielder other than the P but being that there was no way a play would be made by the SS why couldn't this be a live ball? In my opinion it should be.
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    Pretty sure dead ball. Runner out. Batter awarded 1st.
    Couldn't have a live ball after interference on offense. Otherwise you would have runners intentionally interfering with a batted ball so other runners could advance/score.
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    It’s just a rotten break for the offense. If the ball hadn’t passed the fielder yet, then the runner is out. That’s just how the rule is written and interpreted. In many cases it would be hard to guess if the fielder had a reasonable chance to get the ball or not. Plus, we’ll never know the answer to that question because the runner stopped the ball before the fielder had a chance to prove us right or wrong! Benefit of the doubt goes to the defense. By default, this runner is out.
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